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PinUp Brushes - Exclusive

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Manic3D/PinUp-Brushes-Exclusive

A set of high quality Photoshop Brushes. Created in Photoshop CS5, from photo's and images of 50's & 60's Pinups.

These brushes will hold visual integrity up to 1000px.


System Requirements:

PCMac compatible


Usage Tips or Limitations:

As the brushes were created with CS5 they more than likely will not be compatible with older versions of PS or Gimp.

However, for your convenience, I have provided PS7 a compatible brush set.

For users of the Gimp I have enclosed a set of .png files for users to create the brush set for their preferred graphics program.


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Everyday Poses: LaFemme - Exclusive & FREE

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/FRM/Everyday-Poses-LaFemme-Exclusive

Here you get a 6 regular poses and 1 Zeroed Pose for La Femme.

They were created in Poser 11...You get the poses only, clothing and hair not included.

PC/Mac Compatible
Poser 11
La Femme

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Talk Poses: Sadie - Exclusive

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Aelin-Namarie/Talk-Poses-Sadie-Exclusive

Sadie Talk Around

Sadie loves to talk with her friends, no matter the location!

Discover in this pack:
- 9 poses
- their 9 counterparts
- all hand poses coming with those poses (left and right options)
but also...
    - 18 upper parts
    - 18 lower parts

Yes, you can mix poses between them for more choice!


Required software:
Daz 3+
Poser 4+
Toon Girl Sadie
PC/Mac Compatible

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Little Retreat - Exclusive

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Summoner/Little-Retreat-Exclusive

Summoner's Little-Retreat

It might say Little but is large in what you will get in this Package One Preloaded Interior that contain 313 Props, some very detailed pieces some very simple.

A large variety of different Ornaments, Furniture and Artifact's. Each Prop can be moved individually and if you need one of  these special items for another scene then you can just save it individually into your Library.

Some of the Furniture Pieces have Doors that can be open, chests have separate Lids. There is also a Static Version of this model with the whole Hierarchy built in.

The House could be used from the outside but is not really meant for this Purpose. Roof can be hidden or removed three Light presets are included in the Package .....

!! Poser Fan Art !!
Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 7 +++
Supported in Daz Studio
Ds Users might have to adjust the Material settings to get a good result
PC/Mac compatible

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Exclusives: Sister Poses: K4 and New Corridor for Westpark

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Aelin-Namarie/

Sisters poses for K4

Two, three or many more! Sisters can interact together in gentle and fun ways. Find in this pack different situations based on three sisters, but you can modulate their number.

Each of the three sisters has 5 poses.

If you use body morphs, maybe you'll need to change a bit poses for hands.


Required software:
Daz 3+
Poser 4+
The Kids 4, on Daz3D
PC/Mac compatible


New Corridor for West Park

West Park is a crazy old Asylum.

But how is its life in any other universe? Maybe hospital, maybe school, maybe another?

With New Corridor, the choice is yours!

Daz 3+
Poser 4+
PC/Mac compatible
West Park, by Jack Tomalin



It was tested in a Windows environment (8.1). Not tested in a Mac environment.
It was tested in Poser 11, Daz Studio 3, Daz Studio 4. I put "version 6.0" in codes, so I suppose it could work in versions before Poser 11.

Following lights, results could be a bit different from promo renders.

FRM Designers

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