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Enchanted Skies Background set

Mystical Butterfly Design Studio presents: Skies

Enchanted Skies *Exclusive*


Sale: $4.20
Save: 40% off

 Sale expires Saturday 06 July, 2013

Enchanted Skies

Found ONLY at Fantasies Realm Market

You get a set of 14 high quality, mythical, magical and fantasy backgrounds.

They are all high resolution of 360 dpi with varying sizes yet large enough for both print work or renders. Think even poster size if you will.

If you enjoy doing fairy, fantasy and/or sci-fi rendering then this is the right set for your needs!


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Wedding Extravaganza Series: Flowergirl *Exclusive*

Olf Fashioned Woman presents:

Wedding Extravaganza Series: Flowergirl *Exclusive*


Wedding Extravaganza Series: Flower Girl K4

 Pretty up your flower girl with this set of textures designed to color coordinate with all the brides maids and Tuxedo's in the Wedding Extravaganza Set.

Additional sets in this series cover the Extravaganza Dresses, Wedding Belles, M4 Tux and the Slingback Heels each available individually.

 **Please note that at this time there are no textures for the basket due to a slight bug in the original product. Daz3d assures us they are working on getting this issue taken care of as quickly as possible.**

All items in this series can be found ONLY at Fantasies Realm Market



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