The Gallows with 3 ivy vines

Poser 7+
In Poser 5 and 6 the materials will not work in the same way like in Poser 7+

If you want to use them in Poser 5-6 , you may have to fine adjust them.

D/S 2.3+

The Props load and work fine in D/S 2.3 and up. The materials you have to fine tweak to make them work properly in D/S.

Usage Tips/Limitations

Please check always "Use Displacement" in your Render settings.
The Props pack can be used in any of your projects both personal and commercial .


SteamPunk Clock

The best way to celebrate a funky, stylish SteamPunk New Year , is with this beautiful detailed Steampunk clock.

Count the minutes in a stylish way.

This stylish clock is modeled with incredible fine details and textured
in high resolution.

You can change the hour easy with the morph which is inside the clock.

3 Poses for V4.2
Clock with morph as prop
Templates for the clock

The poses were created on V4.2 Basic. No morphs, no outfit.
Depending on the morph or outfit you put on her, may you have to fine tweak the poses, to fit your scene.

The clock has a few shader nodes. DAZ studio user can modify them with just some fine tunig on the values, to make them look great in DAZ studio too.

Free for Commercial or Non-Commercial Use.


Daz 3+



Mon Tressor Bracelets

Bracelet Collection for

V4-Dawn-Michelle-Antonia and Roxie
Poser 7+

Poser 9+ for shaders

not tested in Daz



Summoner's Compound-Bow

A Bow like no other using a Special Weight map Rigging that allows to realistically pull , Adjust up down and Side Positions of the String.

Folding option of the Bow Possible.

Additionally two Pull options in the body.

A Hand Pose for V4 and a Smart Version of the Bow to jump into V4 Right Hand.

I did not add any Poses and no Arrow to the Pack, with a little hope that someone will Share one for it or even some Poses. It would be nice to see someone do a little something additional.

Something as this High quality Bow is all Free.

Product Requirements and Compatibility:                                                     
Poser 2014 +++                                                                              
NOT supported in Daz Studio Due the Limited
Weight Mapping support of Daz Studio for this
New stunning Rigging system.
PC and Mac Compatible           

NOTE about DAZ:

It Is a High quality Creation with special rigging. Well Static it would work in DS but the Bending's and Pull options will not. DS can not handle this rigging and it is necessary to get these results.


This a flintlock Rifle for your characters.

PC/Mac Compatible Poser4+

Maight work DS3+


This is a beautiful moon shaped, silvertone hair jewel for V4.

It may work on other characters with a bit of manipulation.

Poser 4+

May work in DS3+

PC and Mac Compatible

You get this candle plate prop for your candles to sit on.

Poser 7 and up or any Software which can open OBJ files.

PC/ Mac Compatible

May work in DS3+



Halo V4

Halo is an incredible character for your HALLOWEEN renders.

Halo has an amazing real life look made with High Quality Textures and the perfect shaders.

She also has:
 4 eye colors
 3 lash options
 7 lip colors
 7 eye shadows
 5 separate tattoo options
 1 body INJ/REM
 1 Head INJ/REM
 1 NS Default Mat

She is an amazing character with a Custom made face and dialed body. Quality at a great Price as always!!!!

Poser 5+
Victoria 4.2++
Daz 3+
PC/Mac compatible


Sophie for V4
Sophie is a beautiful petite young woman. Sophie has an amazing real life look made with High Quality Textures and the perfect shaders with a Custom made face and dialed body.

She also has:
1 Body INJ/REM
1 Head INJ/REM
3 tattoos INJ/REM use separate or together
6 eye colors
3 lash options
6 lip colors
6 eye shadows
6 eyeshadow w/blush.
1 Default NS Mat

Poser 5+
Victoria 4.2++
Daz 3+
PC/Mac compatible


Rene V4

Rene, is one a quality character pack just waiting to be put to work in your renders. A sexy yet sweet young lady that get any job done that you put her to do.

This pack includes:
Rene Dialed Head INJ/REM
Rene Dialed Body INJ/REM
 7 Eye Colors
 6  NS Eye Shadows
 6 NS Lip Colors
 6 SSS Eye Shadows
 6 SSS Lip Colors
 3 Eyelash Options
1 Default NS Mat
1 Default SSS Mat

Software: Poser 4+
Required: Victoria 4++
Daz 3+
PC/Mac Compatible




Psycho JigSaw

Summoner's Psycho-JigSaw

Well here comes the Missing Weapon for Psycho.
Fully Articulated Figure with spinning Blade.

Actually is made for Psycho found at Freedom of Art
but can be used for other Figures, with a little adjusting.

It comes with a Hand Pose and a Smart
Parenting Figure for Psycho.
Product Requirements:
Poser 2014 +++
supported in Daz Studio 3+
PC and Mac Compatible

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