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Clown Costume for G3M

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Prae/Clown-Costume-G3M

Clown Costume for G3 Male


 Spooky Halloween Horror or a cute Pierrot character, whether happy or sad a clown always needs a costume.


This Clown Costume for the Genesis 3 male consists of a Top, Pants and Slippers, there are also a single balloon or a bunch of balloons props.


Each comes with 10 different coloured materials for Iray as well as 6 coloured shaders for the Balloons.


There are two left and right hand poses for the Single Balloon and one for both left and right hands for the Bunch of Balloons.


 There are custom fits for many of the Genesis 3 male characters and it can be made to fit more characters with the use of Auto fit and the supplied Adjustment morphs.


Clown Wigs available from Daz.




System Requirements:


PC and Mac compatible
Daz Studio 4.5 or higher




Product Notes


Make sure Genesis 3 male is selected and load the outfit and/or props.


Balloon Shaders
To change the colour of the Balloons select the Single or Bunch of Balloons go to surfaces, select the Balloon or Balloons you want the change the colour of and load the shader.







Clown Top
Clown Pants
Clown Slippers

Balloon Left Hand
Balloon Right Hand
Balloons Left Hand
Balloons Right Hand


Balloons Bunch

Hold Balloons Left Hand
Hold Balloons Right Hand

Balloons Single

Hold Balloon 1 Left Hand
Hold Balloon 2 Left Hand
Hold Balloon 1 Right Hand
Hold Balloon 2 Right Hand

Michael 7
Guy 7
Kenji 7
Lee 7
Leo 7
Tween Ryan 7

Full Body Morphs


Adjustment Morphs


Collar Morphs

Collar Small
Collar Up
Cuff Morphs

Left Cuff Back
Left Cuff Forward
Left Cuff Hang Down
Left Cuff Over Hand
Left Cuff Twist 1
Left Cuff Twist 2
Left Cuff Up
LeftCuff Twist 1
Right Cuff Back
Right Cuff Forward
Right Cuff Hang Down
Right Cuff Over Hand
Right Cuff Twist 1
Right Cuff Twist 2
Right Cuff Up




Balloon Black
Balloon Blue
Balloon Green
Balloon Pink
Balloon Yellow
Balloon Red
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Red Neomi Hair V4 [Exclusive]

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Sidhe-Rose-Graphics/Red-Neomi-Hair-V4-Exclusive

Red Neomi Hair V4


We all love the red hair, don't we? But, are you tired of funky, and blah red colors for hair? Here's some to knock those all in the corner! Five flame-kissed textures for Neomi Hair. These are blends of two different richly colored textures for darker roots and lighter ends . There are nine (9) separate textures in this set.


Neomi Hair is composed of four parts, the Cap, Hair, Hair 2 and Hair 3. The Cap textures and all the .bmps and Trans-maps are from SWAM's original hair set textures. You can not use this product **unless you already own Neomi Hair by SWAM**.

NOTE 01:
It is a BOTH a Character Hair set, and a Hair Prop.
The textures for the Character Hair are to be found in the Pose folder
of the Libraries for the Hair Character.

The textures for the Hair Prop are to be found in the materials folder
of the Libraries for the Hair Prop.
NOTE 02:

For best results install this texture in the same runtime in which you have "Neomi Hair" installed.



If you feel adventurous and bold, you can go into the Material room and switch to another texture for a different effect or even make all the 'Hair' parts all one single color-blend. Simply go to the Diffuse Textures in there, and open the node (if it's closed) and search in your texture directory for this product for the blend you want. Load the one you want and say 'Okay' to accept it.

:::::Replace ONLY the Diffuse textures.:::::

"The Cap" is of course the base Cap upon which the hair sits on the scalp.

"Hair" is the lower, longer hair.

"Hair 2" is the middle hair and some part of the top hair.

"Hair 3" is the front and bangs and the front part of the top hair.



System requirements:

Poser 5+
Generation 4 Characters
PC and Mac Compatible
Tested on PC in Poser Pro 2014
Swam's Neomi Hair

Will likely work in most versions of DAZ Studio with some Diffuse and Specular Color adjustments.

No DAZ support for this product.

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PE's Fashion Tendance - Exclusive

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/AnimaGemini/PEs-Fashion-Tendance-Exclusive

Hybrid outfit for PE from Erogenesis

This is outfit is hybrid.

Which means a part is full rigged .Other parts are Dynamic.

The top is full rigged and conforming.

The pants are hybrid. You have to conform them at first before you go in the
Cloth simulation room.

The Shoes are conforming and full rigged also.

The outfit pieces are all located in the figure folder of your runtime.

In the material room you find extra materials to change the style of the outfit.

This outfit optimized for:
Poser 11 Superfly and Firefly.

Tested in Poser 11 Superfly and Poser 2014 Firefly.

Hints and usage information is in the .pdf, please read it to use properly. Also you get 3 downloads to choose from you will get a full size zip 239mb [has everything], a Poser 11 zip and a Poser 2014 zip. Choose the one that is best for your internet speed, both are 187mb.

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Annual Community Gift Drive @ Fantasies Attic

Link: http://thefantasiesattic.net/attic/

It is time to start asking you all for helping with  our holiday gift pages. Last year was such a success. We had 4000+ visitors that came for their Halloween treats.

I hope I can count on your support again this year for community gifting for Halloween and Christmas.

As always it is not a "themed" gifting but it may be whatever you choose to make for the gifts so Halloween related...Christmas related are welcome as well as other types since we all know we create images of every kind.

The pages go live October and December 1 and last the entire month.

Deadline to get the gifts to me for the start of the pages:
Halloween: September 30
Christmas: November 30

I do accept more all month long too, right up to the last day of the month.

What can you give, thank you for asking...ANYTHING you can create yourself.

• Backgrounds of many kinds, for instance -- scenery, skies, water, fantasy, horror, etc.

• Textures for clothing, characters, props, toons  or for general use (adding textures to anything in the material room).

• Poses and morphs for toons, creatures, characters

• Tubes and such for adding to our existing backgrounds

• If you can model, then anything you can make is grand.

• They can be .obj also with/without textures so they can be imported into Poser/Daz or any program that accepts them.

The list is endless of items to make to give.

How to get them to me:

1. If not too big then add them to the pm as an attachment.
2. Send them by email.
3. Upload them to where you usually upload your things and send me the link in a pm or email.
4. If you need somewhere to upload them to then let me know in this post or a pm and I will send you information for uploading.

Everything must be zipped for use, the item and a readme explaining your terms of use and what they will get inside the zip. I will need an image of what you are giving, or more if you wish and about 1000x1000px being the largest.

Please use the contact forms here, at thefantasiesattic.net/attic to let me know.

Thank you and let's make this gifting as successful or exceeding last year.

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Convert ISO to VDI Virtual Box Image

Link: http://osxdaily.com/2018/06/15/convert-iso-to-vdi-virtualbox-image/



If you’re a regular VirtualBox user, you may appreciate knowing how to convert an ISO image file (.iso) into a VDI Virtual Box image file (.vdi). Converting an iso to vdi is different from simply booting VirtualBox from an iso, instead it is taking an .iso image, for example of a live boot image, and then converting that itself to a .vdi VirtualBox virtual disk image. This is useful for many reasons, whether to customize that image file, or for administration or testing purposes.


This guide will show you how to convert an iso image to a VirtualBox VDI disk image by using the command line on the Mac, but it should work the same with VirtualBox command line tools for Windows and Linux too.


This walkthrough assumes that you already have VirtualBox installed on the computer, whether it’s to run Windows 10 in a VirtualBox, Linux, or whatever. You will need VirtualBox installed because it includes the VBoxManage command line utility that is necessary for this iso to vdi conversion process to work.

How to Convert an ISO Image into VDI Disk Image

Assuming you already have the VirtualBox app installed, the conversion process from iso to vdi is quite simple. Open a new Terminal window and at the command line enter the following syntax:

VBoxManage convertfromraw DiskImage.iso VirtualDisk.vdi

For example if you have an iso in the Downloads/ directory and you want to convert it into a VirtualBox VDI file:

VBoxManage convertfromraw ~/Downloads/LinuxLiveBoot.iso ~/VMs/LinuxLiveBootVM.vdi


The conversion process can take a little while depending on the hardware.

Again this command should work on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows, anywhere with the ‘VBoxManage’ command available to it.

Note that “VBoxManage” is capitalized, and it’s important to use the proper capitalization otherwise the command will show as ‘not found’ because of a syntax error, not because it’s unavailable.

If some of this looks familiar to you it might be because we’ve discussed the VBoxManage command line tool in the past when demonstrating resizing a VirtualBox virtual disk VDI file.

One useful set of tricks with this is to take a live disk, a DVD, or boot drive, create an .iso image from the command line using that volume as the image, and then converting that to the VDI file that you can load into VirtualBox. Of course you can also just take any existing iso and convert it into a VDI file too, which is commonly desired by many systems administrators.

images copyrighted to OS-X Daily

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