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Blacksmith 3d

Link: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/forumpro/showforum.php?forum_id=12459


Free Trial Pro-6


Blacksmith3D version 6 products - Limited Time Introductory Special at 25% OFF!

We are pleased to announce our newest release, Blacksmith3d version 6. Designed for professional artists and novices, Blacksmith3D provides artists with easy-to-use tools to achieve precision and realistic, natural effects. 3D artists who are using popular modeling, animation and rendering packages find it simple to integrate Blacksmith3D into their pipeline to enhance the quality of their art in a short period of time. 2D texture artists love the way Blacksmith3D allows them to paint across seams, and find it intuitive because version 6 has a standard 2D paint application look and feel. The 3D Painting is fully loaded with features that offer great precision, power, and sophisticated drawing ability. Unlike any other 3D painting or 3D morphing solution, Blacksmith3D offers direct integration with Poser and DazStudio products with its capability to import OBJ, CR2, PP2 and DUF files along with its abilities to export OBJ, CR2, MAT and MOR files.

Here are some examples of the stunning results 3D artist have gotten using Blacksmith3D Pro.

"For both pros and students, I highly recommend this package. It was simple and intuitive to use Blacksmith3D with no complex hoop-jumping to load and save models or to load and save images. It just worked! Many of these hidden gems do incredible work, but at a fraction of the cost of their brand-name counterparts! This is one of those hidden gems." - Timothy Albee, veteran of Walt Disney Feature Animation


New Key Features

  • Completely New User Interface Menu redesigned to bring you the best elements of version 4's familiar layout while retaining the most powerful features of the version 5 workflow.
  • Images for Layers - just like your favorite 2D paint application! Create any number of layers, change the blending modes and strengths for ultimate texture compositions.
  • Now has thumbnail images with names under them for your maps.
  • NEW concave shading, convex highlighting and normalize display modes for the "Selection Touchup Brush."   
  • Now imports DazStudio DUF and Poser PP2 files in addition to the OBJ & CR2 import, and OBJ, CR2, MAT and MOR export options.
  • CR2 & PP2 file importer now supports all "simple" map assignments in the Poser shader tree.
  • Quick Render View was updated to support all channels, including glossy (highlight size).
  • Unlimited Display Groups in Blacksmith3D PRO allowed (the only limitation is what your computer can handle).
  • MAT/CR2 export now has an option to export complete package to a Runtime in one simple step to save Poser artists more time.
  • NEW "Angle: parameter to rotate the brush tip.
  • Now preserves the displacement map strengths from imported CR2 files, and the displacement amount is visually the same as in Poser.
  • Blacksmith3D's Texture Transformer comes FREE inside of the Blacksmith3D PRO version 6.


  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Create immensely high resolution and detailed textures with 64 bit support.
  • Streamlines production, simple software integration.
  • Designed to optimize workflow.
  • Affordable for large and small studios.
  • Professional, high-end visual results.

Blacksmith3D Releases Version 6

Blacksmith3D PRO-6
Blacksmith3D Standard-6
Blacksmith3D PRO
version 6
Blacksmith3D Standard
version 6
Upg to Standard-6
Upg to Pro-6
Blacksmith3D Standard 6
Upgrade from Standard 5
Blacksmith3D PRO 6
Upgrade from PRO 5
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TheBest3D --- Project DogWaffle

Link: http://thebest3d.com









Howler 9.5 is here!

On Columbus Day, Paint, Model, Render and Animate to Discover your own New World!

3D Designer unleashed! Erosion, Clouds, Texturing based on Elevation and Slope with real-time Shadows in the GPU add realism to 3D Designer. Also: Local Contrast simulates HDRI effects, Ambient Occlusion adds depth and realism to foliage particle brushes(!). See an example below and learn more here.



 Main Features:


  • Digital painting with many types of brushes, including natural media brushes, particle brushes, foliage brushes, custom image and animated brushes + Huge collection of filters, many of them animated(!)


  • Video frame editing and post work for special FX, traditional frame-by-frame animation and working with video on video, motion prediction, frame processing, tracking, chromakeying, green screen, compositing, rotoscoping, etc...


  • 3D capabilities including elevation map based 3D terrain generation, global illumination and ray tracing on CPU and in the GPU!


Paint features:


  • Natural media, many presets, fully customizable
  • Full tablet support
  • Custom brushes, bristle brushes, particle brushes, brushes under the influence of force fields
  • 3D orbiting particle brushes (Orbicles)
  • Dynamic Rules-based Foliage brushes
  • Animated (multi-frame) custom brushes
  • Pigment lifting for even more realistic paint effects
  • Well over 100 fast full featured filters.  Real-time is our middle name. See below for more on Filters
  • Premium color mixing tools.  Red-yellow-blue, palette mixer, lots more.
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Mirror mode and Symmetrical painting, Kaleidoscope mode
  • Frame your artwork
  • brush keying

Animation features:


  • Traditional animation
  • Onion skin
  • Load/Save AVI's, frame sequences
  • Frame scanning
  • Line cleanup and non-photo blue removal
  • Timeline to apply filters
  • Exposure sheet with lip syncing
  • Frame sequencer
  • Rotoscoping matte creation
  • Motion analysis to create slow motion or add motion blur to stop motion
  • Animated brush timeline
  • Animated brush keyframer
  • Animation retiming
  • Interlaced video support
  • Batch processing
  • Batch conversion and renaming
  • Particles, 3D hight map, etc.
  • Image stabilization.  Camera motion smoothing, removal and re-addition.
  • Motion tracking in Brush keyframer
  • Motion prediction for frame extrapolation and selective motion blurring
  • Mirror transform (vertical/horizontal) all frames of an animation
  • frame-level and block-level editing (in/out markers, copy, paste, cut, delete, insert, reverse sequence order, make loopable, time stretching with frame blending...)
  • animated swap channel and alpha channels from DWA or AVI files
  • animated renderings in Raytracing with Puppy Ray

Filters and Special FX:


  • Numerous filters (140 and counting)
  • Filters for still images + Filters for animations
  • Adjust: Color, Value, Threshold, Saturation, Hue/Sat/Val, Auto balance, Tint, Value only contrast, Levels, Curves, Color FX, Adjust All...
  • Color: Map to current gradient, Negative, Invert value, Swap channels, Roll channels, Power curve, Posterize, Color replacer, Solarize, Sepia, Halftone, Halftone plus, Graphic halftone, Duotone, Tritone, 12-bit dither, 8-bit-dither, 1-bit-dither (Optimized, Error diffused, random,...)
  • Blur: Simple blur, Box filter, Gaussian blur, Custom blur, Motion blur, Zoom blur, Mystic vision, Chroma blur, Radial blur
  • Photographic: Soft contrast improvement, Light diffusion, Star filter, Fish eye, Fog filter, Sunset, Polarize, Day for night, Remove red from selection
  • Sharpen: Sharpen, Unsharp mask, Digital photo enhance, maX sharpen
  • Convolve: Grey emboss, Color emboss,  Edge detect, Sobel edge detect, Color sobel edges, Maximum, Median, Minimum, MaxMin, MinMaxz, High pass, Abs, Gradient convolve, Convolution kernel, Iterative median, Adjustable median, Adjustable maximum, Adjustable minimum
  • Noise: Value noise, Color noise, Jitter, Jitter blur plus, Film grain
  • Transform: Transform, Shift, Warp mesh, Isometric 3d, 3D designer, Puppy Ray (Ray tracing) Spherize, Globe, Textrix, Z noise, Twirl, Crystalize, Sinoid, Mosaic, Quilt, Rubber sheet, Wave distort, Mirage, Mirror, Fisheye correction, 3d perspective
  • Video: Slate color bars, De-interlace, Reverse fields, Reduce flicker, Video lines, Legalize (NTSC), Legalize (PAL), Countdown, TV pixels, Raster lines, Shift RGB, Repair dropput
  • Artistic: Apply current paper, Wet paint, Brush strokes, Tarnish, Weave, Graphic Pen, Oilify, Cross contour, Woodcut
  • Stylize: Lighting tool (3D), Glowing edges, Plastic wrap, Waxify
  • Render: Plasma noise, Bumby toy, Noises (Perlin1, 2, Fractal, Cosine), Radiant, Sky, Dread plating, Cellular, Checkerboard, Cold lava, Europa, Starfield, Brick texture, Woodgrain, Grid, Zrings, Mandelbrot, Triangles, Color cubes
  • Animated: Starry night, Animated glows and flares, Wiggle warp, Time shift RGB, Multi frame spherize, Tunnel, Wave in breeze, Sunset, Film flicker, Confetti, Multicolor, Time slice by alpha, Stabilize, Merge (keep selection opaque), Fill selection, Stroke path,Motion prediction module, Apply mirror, Undo buffer to animation
  • Combine with Swap: Mix buffers, Alpha blit, Premultiplied alpha blit, Additive, Subtractive, Multiply, Divide, Screen, Luminance, Complement, Difference, Around grey, Greater than, Less than, Texturize, Binary, Hue, Sat, Val, And, Or, Xor
  • Composite with Swap: Green screen, Blue screen, Color key
  • Displace by Swap: Displace, Cloaking displace, Pool displace, Jitter displace, Colortwirl displace
  • Emboss by Swap
  • and many more: LUA filters (gluas), DoggyFX, AnyFX for PD (by Pixelan), other 3rd-party plugins, make your own (free programming API), Array to Animation, Audio Recorder, Average Frames, CalendarWidget, Channels, Clock, Clock2, DogLuaBrowser, DogLuaEdit, Fieldpack, Forcefield, FramefromClipboard, Halloween_Clock2, Hexadecimal Picker, HexPackedCOlor, MatteCutter, MediaPlayerWidget, ModDogPlayer, Mouth, NumericSelect, Penny, Black hole, BlueRemove, Brick texture, LightBloom, Mirrage, Oilify, RandomFlares, SmudgeStick, Triangles, Tunnel, Wave distort, Wave in Breeze, Composite with image sequence (Greenscreen, Bluescreen, Color key, Alpha key(!), Cell edge composition), Ghosting, Snow fall, Old film, Lightning, heavenly animated Lens flares ...


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AlyLua Drow V4

Link: http://fantasiesrealm.com/market/-Designers/Katt/AlyLua-for-V4


Our latest addition to the store. She is like our other drow but different --- same family only with different features added.

Dark and Deadly, she brings the whispered promise of Magick Unseen but carried by the wind. She calls to the ancient mystic elements, the ones buried so deep that most have forgotten they are there. But for this drow, ageless and timesless, she knows .... she knows the words to call them forward, to seek their council, and when needed, to have them do her bidding.

She fights with deadly force and accuracy, the forest and dark places are her home. She knows the trees and the rocks by name, she carries their strength with her in the air. She has fought for the survival of the magick and unseen places since the beginning of time, and thus has earned the ageless presence and life. She fights with sword and dagger, bow and arrow, and with the eternal power of the mystic blood that courses in her veins.

She is ... and always will be ... Aly Lua ... protector drow ...


Needed Files List and System Required:

Poser 6+
PoserPro 2010+
Victoria 4.2 Base
Victoria 4.2 Morphs ++


Usage Tips/Limitations

1) Load V4
2) Inject Morphs++ into V4
3) Inject my character morphs
5) Apply the MAT pose material for the base texture
6) Change Eyes and Face etc as desired

This product will work in DAZ with some material tweeks.

I have included a variety of RESETs that are available in a seperate folder.

Always apply the base skin before any of the other options. The skin will appear to be lacking in the texture, and this applies to all the options included, UNTIL it is rendered. Feel free to do a spot render to ensure the look is what you seek before doing a full & final high quality render. When changing to a different skin option, you can use the RESETs to ensure no extra parts from other skins carry over.

After applying the head or full figure INJ, please use the BROW FIX to correct the brows being cut off. Ensure brows are enabled, or turned ON - there is a helper for this included in the folder with the INJs.

I have added some duo eye color options for more unique looks. Some of the solid eye colors may show pupils depending on lighting used.

Be aware that bright lights will wash out the drow nail colors.

Different choices for lighting and rendering settings will result in different render results from those displayed. Please remember that lighting is a factor for how well SSS effects render, so it is suggested to use a simple single light, or a few lights as possible. The lighting sets that use IDL options are also great for showing off SSS skin effects. Be unique and enjoy!

- enable/check cast shadows, raytracing, subsurface scattering, indirect light, smooth polygons, and use displacement maps
- set RAYTRACE BOUNCES to 1 (2 for P8 etc)
- set IRRADIANCE CACHING to 32 (100 for P8 etc)
- set INDIRECT LIGHT QUALITY to 32 (7 for P8 etc)
- set PIXEL SAMPLES to 4 max (8 for P8 etc)
= set MIN SHADING RATE to 0.20 at most (0.10 for P8 etc)

* GAMMA CORRECTION is a personal choice but is not needed and it may create some unwanted results


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2014 Time to Howl Halloween Gift Page

Link: http://thefantasiesattic.com/halloween/2014/2014.html


It's time for all to HOOOWLLLLLL!
  Try to ignore the dark, dank corners. The only light is from the big, full moon just coming over the horizon. Don't pay attention to the creaks, the moaning, the guttural groans or other things moving about the bushes and trees. You may hear many things and possibly see many things, don't be afraid they will not harm you, they are just as curious about you as you are about them.....maybe.
Soon the residents will come out to play and make merry during our month long party. They will be feasting on treats and they have promised to not trick you out of yours, or take nibbles.

It's true they promised but you never know so enter at your own risk. Everyday another treat is going to be added for you to grab so tell your friends to come into our domain, we'd love to have them too. A side note is --- the items will not be removed after the day of getting posted so you can visit at your convenience.

If you haven't been here before then please also visit our "ZONE" where we have previous gifts plus a wide array of other freebies for your runtimes and Bryce.

Thanks go out to our contributers so far this year: Amaranth -- Carolann -- LadyA -- Maggie -- MarciaGomes -- NitaB -- Aelin -- Prae -- Sanbie -- sidherose -- Trixie -- ByuDragonBreath -- Llola Lane -- Margy -- AmirA -- Katt -- cecilia.robinson (Arlesienne @ DevArt)

You may need to turn down your speakers and turn off the lights.....mwaaahaaaahaaaaaa!

Our Gifts have BEGUN!! Come join in on the fun.


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Beautiful Knits for Oversized Shirt Genesis2 Females-Exclusive

Link: http://fantasiesrealm.com/market/-Designers/eBlank/Beautiful-Knits-for-Oversized-Shirt-Genesis2-Females-Exclusive



Turn the Oversized Shirt into a cozy, stylish sweater with these 12 textures. Your girls will love it!


System Requirements and Needed Products:

DAZ Studio4+
Oversized Shirt for Genesis 2 Females

FRM Designers

Fantasy Attic Sponsors