Filter Forge

Filter Forge is a high-end Photoshop plugin and a standalone program that lets novice and expert users create a wide variety of realistic and abstract textures and effects. You  get 5100 realistic textures, 4600 creative photo effects, create your own with  the 9692 library filters that come with your purchase.

Version 3.0 is available now and at a 70% discount which will expire soon. There are also tutorials at their site for learning more usage techniques. This program is not only a great addition for the digital artist but Second Life content creators cna also benefit from it.

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The Filter Library is a free online repository of filters created by our designers and Filter Forge users. You can submit your own filters to the Filter Library, and if they get popular with the Filter Forge users, you can earn rewards including a free copy of Filter Forge.

Texture Filters

  • Building (760) – Textures found in architecture and building, such as bricks, pavements, tiles etc.
  • Frames (111) – Picture frame textures.
  • Misc (1673) – Abstract textures or textures that do not fit into any other category.
  • Organic (625) – Organic textures such as meat, skin, flesh, leaves, etc.
  • Patterns (1369) – Textures with regularly repeated shapes, colors, motifs, etc.
  • Snippets (303) – Filters that illustrate ideas or techniques of interest to the filter development community.
  • Stone (442) – Stone and rock textures, natural and processed.
  • Techno (456) – Any textures related to industry and technology, such as circuits, rusty metal, diamond plates etc.

Effect Filters

  • Creative (950) – Effects that modify images in various creative ways.
  • Distortions (679) – Effects that distort, deform or reshape the original image.
  • Frames (257) – Effects that create a frame around the original image.
  • Misc (2010) – Effects that do not fit into any other category.
  • Patterns (439) – Effects that produce patterns based on the original image.
  • Photo (766) – Photo enhancement operations and effects.
  • Snippets (211) – Filters that illustrate ideas or techniques of interest to the filter development community.

Wedding Extravaganza Sling Back Pumps *Exclusive*





What good is the dress without the pumps!!



What else is better than just wearing with the wedding dress or bridesmaid dress is that they would most likely look equally as grand with any formal attire.



Complete your wedding attire with this set of textures for the Sling Back Shoes. You will get 8 Shader textures and 8 non-Shader textures for each of the 5 shoes in the pack -- to match the Bridesmaid dresses -- giving you 80 different looks! You get the same amount for the Brides dress colors too making it a grand total of 160 textures!

Additionally in the series of textures you get beautiful textures for all 4 Extravaganza Dress's and 8 textures for each of the 3 Wedding Belle's.

Coming soon will be 8 textures for M4 Tux too!

PC and Mac Compatible

Poser 6+

Daz Studio 3+

5 pair Sling Back Pumps by idler168

All items in this series can be found ONLY at Fantasies Realm Market




Mystical Butterfly Design Studio presents: Skies

Enchanted Skies *Exclusive*


Sale: $4.20
Save: 40% off

 Sale expires Saturday 06 July, 2013

Enchanted Skies

Found ONLY at Fantasies Realm Market

You get a set of 14 high quality, mythical, magical and fantasy backgrounds.

They are all high resolution of 360 dpi with varying sizes yet large enough for both print work or renders. Think even poster size if you will.

If you enjoy doing fairy, fantasy and/or sci-fi rendering then this is the right set for your needs!



Olf Fashioned Woman presents:

Wedding Extravaganza Series: Flowergirl *Exclusive*


Wedding Extravaganza Series: Flower Girl K4

 Pretty up your flower girl with this set of textures designed to color coordinate with all the brides maids and Tuxedo's in the Wedding Extravaganza Set.

Additional sets in this series cover the Extravaganza Dresses, Wedding Belles, M4 Tux and the Slingback Heels each available individually.

 **Please note that at this time there are no textures for the basket due to a slight bug in the original product. Daz3d assures us they are working on getting this issue taken care of as quickly as possible.**

All items in this series can be found ONLY at Fantasies Realm Market




Pretty Maids

Artistic render showing dresses and shoes.

Wedding Extravaganza Series by Old Fashioned Woman

This series covers all 3 of Evilinnocence's Wedding Belle's: Bliss, Hope and Joy.

There are 8 textures for each one of the dresses as well as a total of 40 textures for the Sling Back shoes by idler168(8 textures for each of the 5 pairs in the set)

**shoes being released by July 6, 2013**

We have in this series the wedding dresses and also coming soon coming soon are the flower girl for K4 and M4 Tux.


 PC and Mac compatible

Poser 6+

 DS 3+

Wedding Belle's Bliss

Wedding Belle's Joy

Wedding Belle's Hope

5 Pairs of Sling-back Pumps


All items in this series can be found ONLY at Fantasies Realm Market


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