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Baby Moves for Lil' Bit --Exclusive

Link: http://fantasiesrealm.com/market/-Designers/AngelicArtwork/Baby-Moves-for-Lil-Bit-Exclusive


Baby Moves!

LilBit now has some moves of her own!!! Get them to give her more posing options. You get 16 moves total in this package, 8 regular and 8 mirrored poses.


Needed Files List and System Required:

Lil' Bit by Littlefox and Redspark

PC/Mac Compatible

Poser 6+

Daz Studio 3+


Usage Tips/Limitations

Be sure to uncheck IK when using these poses!

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Montera V4

Link: http://fantasiesrealm.com/market/-Designers/Art-by-Athene/Montera-V4


Montera V4 is a beautiful texture for your virtual doll.  She can be sexy, a warrior, urban vixen or the girl next door. Your imagination is all it takes.


She comes to you with:

5 Eye Textures

3 Eye Lash Options

5 Makeup Options

10 Lip Colors in both Gloss and Mat

Default Mat

Head and body INJ/REM


Needed Files List and System Required:

Poser 6+

Victoria 4.2

Morphs +++

PC/Mac Compatible

Daz 3+

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Aeduni Luay Drow for V4

Link: http://fantasiesrealm.com/market/-Designers/Katt/Aeduni-Luay-V4



Dark and Deadly, she brings the whispered promise of Magick Unseen but carried by the wind. She calls to the ancient mystic elements, the ones buried so deep that most have forgotten they are there. But for this drow, ageless and timeless, she knows .... she knows the words to call them forward, to seek their council, and when needed, to have them do her bidding.

She fights with deadly force and accuracy, the forest and dark places are her home. She knows the trees and the rocks by name, she carries their strength with her in the air. She has fought for the survival of the magick and unseen places since the beginning of time, and thus has earned the ageless presence and life. She fights with sword and dagger, bow and arrow, and with the eternal power of the mystic blood that courses in her veins.

She is ... and always will be ... Aeduni Luay ... protector drow ....


The package contains:

2 Head Injection & Remove
2 Body Injection & Remove
2 Full Figure Injection & Remove
1 Base Skin
5 Alternate Skin Options
2 Eyebrow Options
6 Eye colors
2 Duo Eye Colors
8 Solid Eye Colors
4 Glowing Eye Colors
4 Lash styles
8 Make Up Options
3 Lipstick colors
4 Nail Polish options
5 Resets: 1 each for lips, arms, legs, torso and face
1 Drow IDL Light Set

This product is created for *Poser Only* !

Needed Files List and System Required:

PC and Mac Compatible

Poser 9+
PoserPro 2012+
Victoria 4.2 Base
Victoria 4.2 Morphs ++


Usage Tips/Limitations

This product is not supported in DAZ or in any version of Poser or PoserPro that does not support SSS. Sorry.

Be sure to use the included REM files before changing between the body shapes for the 2 variations.

I have included a variety of RESETs that are available in a seperate folder.

Always apply the base skin (AEDUNI LUAY SSS) before any of the other options. The skin will appear to be lacking in the texture, and this applies to all the options included, UNTIL it is rendered. Feel free to do a spot render to ensure the look is what you seek before doing a full & final high quality render. When changing to a different skin option, you can use the RESETs to ensure no extra parts from other skins carry over.

After applying the head or full figure INJ, please use the BROW FIX associated to the figure to correct the brows being cut off. Ensure brows are enabled, or turned ON - there is a helper for this included in the folder with the base skin. There are no eyebrows on blood/mud skin unless you enable them, but they will NOT be covered in mud or blood so bear that in mind for renders and desired effect. To enable, use the BROW FIX then apply the eyebrow of choice.

I have added 2 duo eye color options - either L or R png will apply both colors - it is more to show the two colors than anything. Some of the solid eye colors may show pupils depending on lighting used.

Be aware that bright lights will wash out the drow nail colors.

Different choices for lighting and rendering settings will result in different render results from those displayed. Please remember that lighting is a factor for how well SSS effects render, so it is suggested to use a simple single light, or a few lights as possible. The lighting sets that use IDL options are also great for showing off SSS skin effects. Be unique and enjoy!

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Faery Ties Hair and Outfit

Link: http://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Amaranth-Shox-Designs


Faery Ties Hair


String hair for Victoria 4 with fits for Aiko4, The Girl4. Bonus Genesis 2 Female fit.

A must for your fantasy scenes !

1 hair prop and 24 dangling props.
    - Hooppearl
    - Leafs
    - Pearls
    - Star1
    - Star2
    - Teardrop

This pack is filled to the brim with options !


System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible
Poser 7 and above
DAZ Studio 4.6 and above


Needed Files:

DAZ3D Victoria 4
DAZ3D Victoria 4 morphs (optional)


Usage Tips or Limitations:

- The Dangling props are smartparented to the hair. It will follow the figures head movement and figure Pose. If you notice a dangling prop isn't following reparent it again to the hair.

- When using the morphs A4,G4 you need to apply the same morph to the dangling props.

- Deformation of some of the danglies props is possible when applying the morphs.

- Genesis 2 Female fit :

           These are DS files only for the Genesis 2 Female hairprop fit. The rest of the files : danglies, textures can be found  in the other zipfile(s).
           Select Gen2 before loading the hair and the hairprop will be smartparented to Gen2. All the danglies need to be manually parented to the FaeryTies hairprop.
           Browse to the other files and apply textures from there.


Faery Ties Outfit


Faery Ties Outfit  for Victoria 4 with fits for Aiko4, The Girl4 and Elite morphs

Faeries always need new outfits and esp.ecially ones that fit their Faery Ties hair !

What's included :

- Dress
    morphs :
- 2 Armcuffs
- 2 longstockings
    morphs :

- 6 different earrings (+ A4, G4 fits)


System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible
Poser 7 and above
DAZ Studio 4.6 and above

DAZ3D Victoria 4
DAZ3D Victoria 4 morphs +++ (optional)
DAZ3D Victoria 4 Elite shapes


Usage Tips or Limitations:

- Stockings : load stockings and magnetize the stockings to V4 conform stockings. There are plenty of adjustment morphs that will help with pokethroughs.

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June 2014- Art by Athene

Link: http://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Art-by-Athene



ArtbyAthene is one very busy lady with her home life, work and texturing. We were able to get her to come to a top and let us know a little about herself. She is also one of our store testers and a wonderful friend.

These in the picture, are only a few of her beautiful character textures.

~~~~  +++ ..::..::..::..:: +++ ~~~~
I currently work full time for an outsourcing company and live on the east coast in Lewes, DE with my 25 year old daughter, her fiance and my five year old grandson.  I have struggled over the last few years with employment, but have settled now with a company that will offer me advancement in the future.  In years past I worked in advertising and learned from some of the best copywriters and art directors in the business, they were instrumental in getting my interested in graphics going which I started in the late 90's.

I started in this community making doll signatures with some of the best, and learned a lot from them.  I am primarily self-taught, but like most 3d artists have had help from some awesome people in the market to understand the processes.  I started with Poser 6 and have to say that when I first tried to use it, I probably had that "deer in the headlights look", but with the help of a dear friend who is one of our best {Rebelmommy}, learned making characters for V4.

I am trying to learn 3d modeling, but it seems learning when your older is harder....LOL  can't seem to focus on the process. I done DAZ M4, K4  and V4, as well as Miki2, Stephanie and Mavka characters for Poser, (for sale at Content Paradise and Fantasies Realm Market here).  All my characters have come from people in my life, although they probably wouldn't want to know that...LOL. The process can be daunting and long, render and re-render, adjust and re-adjust but in about a week or so I have it done.  The promos well thats just another process, and in my opinion the worst...just don't like doing them. 


My recommendation to new artists is find someone who would be willing to beta test for you, it really makes a difference when you complete the product so you don't hear the testers say there are issues and then you just get frustrated.  Keep working at it, I know my first characters when i look at them now are horrifying" but with time and patience I have learned to make better quality ones and find myself thinking ahead to what I can do to improve them each time. 

Don't give up!!!!  Just remember to do it because you enjoy it not because its a job.......  If any of you ever need a hand or just someone to look I will be glad to help.

FRM Designers

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