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Mel's Burnished Waters

Link: http://fantasiesrealm.com/market/-Designers/JustMel/Mels-Burnished-Waters



Mel's Burnished Waters



Mel's Burnished Waters
There are 12 backgrounds in jpg format.
11 Backgrounds are 3000 x 2000 pixels in 300 ppi resolution.
1 Background is 3000 x 2700 pixels in 300 ppi resolution.



System Requirements:

For use with any program that can open jpg files.


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Mel's Fantasy Places

Link: http://fantasiesrealm.com/market/-Designers/JustMel/Mels-Fantasy-Places



Mel's Fantasy Places



Mel's Fantasy Places Backgrounds
There are 10 backgrounds.

If you want to match an atmosphere in the background, you can either activate the atmosphere in Poser or use one of my shortcuts.


My method:

I save my render as a psd file and overlay the background image in a separate layer below the render in photoshop.

I take my color picker and choose one of the lightest shades in the background image.

Then I use my layer styles and add that color as a color overlay layer onto the render, and set the layer style to soft light.

I used 100% for the image example enclosed.

You can set the opacity to your preference.

I deepen the color as one of my final steps in the post work.

System Requirements:

Requires any program that can open jpg files.

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Barfight Poses for Genesis 2 Male

Link: http://fantasiesrealm.com/market/-Designers/Winterbrose/Bar-fight-Poses-for-Genesis-2-Males



Bar fight Poses for Genesis 2 Males



When a fight breaks out in your favorite drinking establishment, your instincts tell you that your only two choices are fight or flight; which will you choose?

Flight could mean cowering behind the bar and peeking over, or just cowardly crawling towards the nearest exit.  Fight means to make your best moves to become the victor of the skirmish. 

Designed for the Genesis-2-Male (G2M) figure, this set of 24 paired and 3 single poses should work with all of the Genesis 2 Male based Characters* for a total of 54 poses. 

Each set of paired poses and single poses have been saved as individual pose presets for maximum flexibility and include these two versions: 1. World Centered in scene, and 2. Neutral to use anywhere.

*World Centered Poses include:
01-Block        01-Swing     02-Block       02-Chair     03-Crawl      04-Fallback     04-Shove
05-Fallback     05-Shove     06-OutCold     07-Hold      07-Resist     08-Block        08-Swing
09-Impact       09-Swing     10-Defend      11-Down      12-Peek       13-Block        13-Swing
14-Hold         14-Resist    15-Hold        15-Resist    16-Fallback   16-Shove

*Neutral Stance Poses include:
Block-1        Block-2        Block-3        Block-4     Chair      Crawl      Defend-1     Down-1
Fallback-1     Fallback-2     Fallback-3     Hold-1      Hold-2     Hold-3     Impact-1
Out Cold       Peek-1         Resist-1       Resist-2    Resist-3   Shove-1    Shove-2     Shove-3
Swing-1        Swing-2        Swing-3        Swing-4

DAZ Studio 4.6 or 4.7
Genesis 2 Male Figure

Adjustments may be required for use with different morphs,
clothing and characters for the Genesis 2 Male figure.

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Mel's Winter Fantasy Backgrounds

Link: http://fantasiesrealm.com/market/-Designers/JustMel/Mels-Winter-Fantasy-Backgrounds



Mel's Winter Fantasy Backgrounds



Winter can be such a beautiful season, and these carefully crafted backgrounds reflect the cold and snowy glory of winter.

3 backgrounds at 3000 x 3000 pixels.
3 backgrounds at 3000 x 2700 pixels.
6 backgrounds digital backgrounds total.
All backgrounds are 300 ppi resolution.

Requires any program that can open jpg files. Clothing textures and models used not included.


System Requirements:

Requires any program that can open jpg files.

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Daydreams 2

Link: http://fantasiesrealm.com/market/-Designers/Mylassens-Muse/Daydreams-2



Nine gorgeous, high quality backgrounds rendered at 300dpi. These are perfect for print projects, commercial or non-commercial images. All are sized at 2000x2200, perfect for using in any project. Use a part or the entire thing... your imagination is the limit.

You will need Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop, or any other graphic program capable of reading .jpg to use these files.

Only $5.00! 

FRM Designers

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