Text Edge Pro

Text Edge Pro is a must have tool for anyone who works with 3D type or logos inside of Cinema 4D.  This is a preset that creates brilliant looking text and logos super fast, perfect for broadcast, movie trailers, print, or any workflow that requires creating beautiful 3D text.  With it you can add custom outer, inner bevels, and edges to any text that goes above and beyond the stock bevel options in C4D.  The best part?  It's non-destructive!  What does that mean?  Develop your text bevel look and you easily edit it, change the font or text just like you would with the MoText object while keeping the bevel intact making iteration a breeze!  Along with applying bevels on your type, you can also put bevels on any spline shape you bring in, whether it be a logo made in Adobe Illustrator or a spline shape made directly in Cinema 4D.


Version Compatibility & Cinema 4D Lite

Text Edge Pro requires Cinema 4D R12 (Broadcast or Studio version) and above.  Text Edge Pro is fully compatible with R13 (Broadcast or Studio version) and above including Cinema 4D Lite meaning you can create gorgeous text for use in Adobe After Effects CC.  NOTE: Preset scene files require Broadcast or Studio version.

Feature List

Built in Mograph & dynamics.
Cinema 4D Lite compatible.
Over 50 Text Edge Pro preset scene files
Over 50 materials
Over 20 HDRIs
Non destructive, easily change the letters or font while keeping your custom bevel look in tact making iteration a breeze
Text field input automatically updates TEFX layer name
Low rez proxy option to speed up viewport scene when working with mograph & dynamics
Full text alignment options for use with Mograph Effectors
Option to have back bevel mirror front bevel
Editable capping & fillet edges
Over 15 custom inner bevel splines included
Ability to use your own custom bevels
Simple & intuitive interface & controls
Rebuilt from the bottom up for improved speed
Frequent free updates


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We have released Howler 9.2. Yay! Plus, after an initial hickup we also have release the Artist edition. Double-yay! (yay-yay?)

If you already have Howler 9.0 or 9.1, you should have received a free download, this is a free update. It will come from either the Bmtmicro server directly, or from Dan Ritchie, if you ordered from him at www.squirreldome.com.

If you ordered v9 through Renderosity, or through Daz, it's also a free update, but since we may not have your contact info on record, please contact us to request your download. Contact us at support@thebest3d.com and provide details about your Daz/Rendo purchase. Also, please do your fellow artists on Rendo and Daz3d a favor and let them know about v9.2.

Learn more about Howler 9.2 at http://www.thebest3d.com/howler

If you have the Artist edition 9, it was at v9.0 for a while, as there was no 9.1 update. Now your patience has been rewarded. There is a free update to Artist 9.2.

Learn more about Artist 9.2 at http://www.thebest3d.com/pda

If you still run on Windows XP, you'll need an extra dll file to run the Puppy Ray raytracer, it can be downloaded at http://www.thebest3d.com/howler/download/v9-puppyray-dll-fix-for-windows-XP.html

This has a fix to ensure that the CPU-based raytracer, Puppy Ray, will run under WIndows XP. Do not use this dll if you are on Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. This special dll is only for users of Windows XP. The same dll is good for PD Artist, if on XP. If you encounter any problems or have questions, please post your questions on the Dogwaffle forum or contact us.

See http://www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/forums

Of course, no GPU support on Windows XP. We highly recommend moving up to Windows 7 or 8 for best GPU support. If you own several computers, some WIndows XP and some newer, feel free to install Howler or Artist on either of them at the same time. Howler 9 and Artist 9 on sale through April 14


We're Still offering a 29% discount through April 14.

If you have an earlier version be sure to use your upgrade discount coupon for an even better deal. Discover what's new in 9.2 ===========================

To learn about the many(!) new features we added to version 9.2, please read this: http://www.thebest3d.com/howler/9/what-is-new-in-PD_Howler-v9.2_the-Worlds-Cutest-Trex.html

Dan describes some of it here too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuWBeSakxkM

To see the most recent tutorial videos, visit our YouTube channel: http://www.toutube.com/pdhowler

Here's a very recent one, build on a 3D image that was rendered in Carrara originally, for the Facebook Photoshop user group presentation we did last month. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mx-n8QolXK0

In this tutorial we see some more creative ways to use particle brushes together with the Forcefield to deflect the particle trails based on the image. The forcefield then helps guide the particles along and around the main features of the image. It's a great way to add more hair to a bald skull, or explore new styles in artistic creativity. Watch the start and especially the end of the tutorial for a gallery of samples. Thanks for waffling and howling, painting and animating! PS: please re-tweet, re-post, re-like, re-post, re-wall, etc... we can use all the help we can get to make sure Project Dogwaffle doesn't stay the best kept secret of the year. If you run a blog or a news website, will you let us know about your post?

Team Dogwaffle - Dan and Phil and the beta testers Project Dogwaffle at thebest3d.com Beyond digital painting


For the ones with Mac OS X already installed or those of us that had no clue this was possible....you can 'FTP' to  your server right from your desktop. Easy as pie!

 Here are the steps to follow and understand. You can find many more tips and tricks at OSXDaily


'FTP' from your Mac

 If you want to test this out by connecting to a real server you can use ftp://ftp.mozilla.org and login as Guest.

1. From your Mac desktop hold down Command key+K to get the "Connect to Server" window or you can use the "GO" menu also.

2. Enter the address of the 'ftp server'  in the folowing format: ftp://ftp.the domain name inserted here (ftp://ftp.mozila.com).

3. To add to the "favorite Servers" for using often then click on the little + icon next to the "Server Address" field.

4. Click "Connect" and wait for the connection to the server.

5. In the next window enter your username and password issued by the host, or use "guest" if server allows annonymous connections then click "Connect" once more.



If you wish to use a secured connection you will need to make the following modification to Use FTPS for Secured Connections:

To connect to a secured FTPS server you just need to change the prefix from ftp:// to ftps://. This is depending on the remote server having SSL support which most generally do. See the accompanying image.



You need to keep in mind that FTPS and SFTP are two different animals. FTPS is a secure SSL-FTP while SFTP uses the SSH protocol...just like the ones that offer Remote Access. FTPS connections are supported by OS X's built in 'FTP' functionality while SFTP  through SSH is NOT accessible through the same "Connect to Server" menu.

No matter since OS X does include a native SFTP client also accessible through Terminal by typing "sftp username@host".



Navigating and Transferring your files with FTP/FTPS

As soon as you get connected to the 'FTP' server you will be able to start browsing the remote end, just like any folder already existing on your computer as easily as drag/drop. Browse your computer for the item you want to upload and drag/drop it into the area you want it to be on the serve. Do the same thing to download the items from your server to your computer, just choose the file/folder from the server, drag/drop it into the selected area on your Mac.

You will see the a mini Finder window that you can expand by pulling down the "view" menu and choosing to show the toolbar. The big benefit to expanding it is that you can get the forward and back arrows for navigation for sorting, browsing the 'FTP' server by icon, name, date, lists and other search functions.

This 'FTP' feature seems to have been around since the earlist days of OS X and can still be found in the latest versions.  Easy to use and right from your desktop is grand however, this is not as developed as the thrid party clients are with all their whistles and bells. It can do very nicely in a tight pinch. Quick and easy but if you do need more advanced features then you can get Transmit, Cyberduck or Filezilla, they integrate with other applications too.

If you set your titlebars to show the full path will get you the results you see in the second image. All images are copyrighted to osxdaily.com





 How to Build Basic Material Shaders in Poser 3D 

Join Steve Cooper and Stefan Werner in this 1-hour webinar as they show you how to build basic material shaders like metal, glass, plastic, wax, skin and hair for use on your Poser characters and props. Developing this skill will enable you to create your own unique materials to keep in your library and give you the ability to customize your next project to your exact specs. At the end of the webinar will have a brief Q & A session where you will have the opportunity to ask questions.


Webinar Presented By: Steve Cooper and Stefan Werner

Date:  Thursday, March 20, 2014
Time:  3:00PM PDT
Duration:  1 Hour
Software:  Poser


Join Steve Cooper and Stefan Werner in this 1-hour webinar as they show you how to build basic material shaders like metal, glass, plastic, wax, skin and hair for use on your Poser characters and props.

Developing this skill will enable you to create your own unique materials to keep in your library and give you the ability to customize your next project to your exact specs. At the end of the webinar will have a brief Q & A session where you will have the opportunity to ask questions.




Absinthe Veritae Set

Absinthe Veritae - the Real Thing

In it's days of glory this legendary spirit was consumed by the great artists, poets, thinkers and the 'bohemian crowd' of European and American society.  Absinthe is often referred to poetically as 'the Green Fairy' or la fée verte. Recall a scene in Copolla's "Dracula", where the Count introduces Mina to the 'magic' of the Green Fairy.

Highly exaggerated myths of it's dangerous properties and harmful effects grew to prominence in the late 19th century, causing it to be banned for many decades. Now, the Green Fairy is back! And she's here for you, the artists and poets of today in this lovely, highly detailed set of bottled Absinthes and paraphernalia. Fire up your imagination. Let it fly free! Create new myths and legends about her in your renders and stories.

This set is proudly brought to you by Dragon Rose Studios, a combined project from Sidhe Rose Graphics and dRaCX.


Items from this set may be used in both commercial and non-commercial renders. Please see the READ-ME file for usage particulars.

NOTE: Worried about render time with all this glass and metal? Banish the thought! The textures in this product render fast and look great!


1 - Absinthe Bottle - opened

1 - Absinthe Bottle - corked

1 - Absinthe Bottle - sealed

5 - Hand-painted Labels

7 - Bottleneck foils

1 - Cork

1 - Wax Seal in 2 colors

4 - Unique Glass designs with Glass Contents

4 - Saucers for the Glasses

1 - Serving tray

2 - Styles of Sugar Plates

1 - Sugar Cup

1 - Absinthe Spoon style

Sugar Cubes parented to the Spoons and servers

Ice Cubes parented to Glass Contents

Many texture options in White, Black, Gold and Silver


The developers own the copyright and/or have the right to distribute all of the content

contained within this ZIP file.

FRM Designers

Fantasy Attic Sponsors