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DWD Brown and Black Horse Coats --- Champagne and Cream Horse Coats

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Dreamweaver-Designs

Brown and Black Horse Coats

A selection of black and brown coats for the Millennium Horse, every thing from your standard every day brown to a velvety black and ones not often seen like the Silver bay.

With lots of mix and match options the only limit to the combinations you can create is your imagination.


  -- Black, 2 Chocolate Browns, Dark Brown
  -- Light Brown, Mahogany Bay, Silver Bay
 2 Eye Colors
 5 Long, 5 Short Fetlock Colors
 3 Hoof Colors
   -- Left, On/Off (several), Short, Right, Upright
   -- 6 Sets of Colors
   2 Lashes
   5 Tail Colors


System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible
Poser 7+
DAZ Studio 3+
Daz Millenium Horse 1
Daz Millenium LE Horse 1

DWD Champagne and Cream

 A selection of rare coats for you Millennium horse, ranging from Palomino through to Creams and Champagnes including a Sable Champagne.
 With lots of mix and match options let your imagination run wild!
3 Eye Colors
Fetlocks: 4 Long and 4 Short Color choices
4 Hoof Colors
 -- On/Off  Utilities (several)
 -- Left Side
 -- Short
 -- Long
 -- Variety of colors for each option
 -- 4 Color Choices in 2 Sets
 -- Sable Champagne Color
 4 Tale Colors


System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible
Poser 7+
DAZ Studio 3+
Daz Millenium Horse 1
Daz Millenium LE Horse 1

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Anabella V4A4 --- Bega V4 --- Darby V4

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Art-by-Athene


Annabella for V4.2++ and A4.

A beautiful new package that give you 4 characters  in one pack.
 She includes the following:
5 eye colors
2 Makeup Sets with 5 colors each
3 Eyelashes
A4 Head/Body INJ/REM
V4 Head/Body INJ/REM
2 Skin Mats
2 Lip Color Sets with 5 colors each.
   Poser 5+
Victoria 4.2++
Daz 3+
 PC/Mac compatible

Bega is a beautiful new ethnic character for V4.

She was made with the greatest attention to detail and includes two versions, one with shader and displacement maps for fantastic realistic skin for use in Poser 6 and higher, and one with SSS mats for use with Poser9 or poser pro, she has been tested in DS 4 ( only the non SSS version).

Bega comes with tons of options including:

5 Eye Colors
8 NS Makeups
8 SSS Makeups
Head/Body NJ/REM
Default NS Skin
Default SSS Skin
8 NS Lip Colors
8 SSS Lip Colors

The morphs for this character can be used without the Elite Ethnic Faces however you will get different results.

Poser 6+ for Non shader
Poser 9+ for shader version
V4.2 Morphs ++
V4.2 Elite Ethnic Faces
Daz 3+
PC/Mac Compatible


Darby, another quality character pack.

This pack includes:

Head/Body INJ/REM
Quality textures:
 8 Eye Colors
  3 Eyelashes
Default NS Skin
8 NS Makeups
8 NS Lip Colors
Default SSS Skin
8SSS Lip Colors
6 SSS Makeups  

Poser 4+ for NS options
Poser 7+ for SSS options
Daz 3+
Required: Victoria 4+
PC/Mac Compatible



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How to make Gold and Silver to shine in DS

About older Poser products and use in Daz Studio 4+.

Some of you have noticed that when trying to apply a texture in DS, it gives you trouble, especially gold and silver not looking right.

Gold looks dark yellow and Silver looks black when rendered. The following may help with that problem.

For right now I can not give advice on scripts which may be included in products since we are not quite sure of the proper way to use them.

The following suggestion will hopefully give you all a starting point, tweak the settings provided to suit your needs.


- Glossiness needs to be between 50% and 80% to have a "reflection". We can play a lot with the true "reflection".

Here are 2 methods to try.

First method:
- The silver is in "d2 methods to try: iffuse color" black; it's the reason of why it's black in renders. Indeed, DS4 doesn't take in consideration the arborescence of "Blend", "Math Function"... tested in P11, the silver is really silver thanks to this arborescence.

Method 2, setting laid out for you to enter and tweak in between test renders. Once you get the settings to look the way you want remember to jot them down for next time:


Diffuse color 89/89/89

Strength 72%

Glossiness 31,9%

Spec 206/206/206

Strength 60%

Ambient color 24/24/39

Strength 70%

Reflection 255/255/255

Strengh 30%



Diffuse color 89/65/40

Strength 28%

Glossiness 35%

SPEC 225/220/129

Strength 100%

Ambient color 0/0/0

Strength 100%

Reflection 255/242/184

Strength 80%


From these, you can try mixes of colors for gold and silver.

These tips are brought to you by Aelin.


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How to Clear Chrome Browser DNS Host Cache Manually

Link: http://osxdaily.com/


How to Clear Chrome Browser DNS Host Cache Manually
July 12, 2016

Chrome The Google Chrome web browser is quite powerful with many interesting under-the-hood options that are hidden from the average user, but with a little digging around you can uncover a variety of power features that allow users to perform helpful tasks. One such hidden feature is the ability to manually clear out Chrome DNS host cache from just the browser itself, this can be invaluable for situations where a user has changed DNS settings or where flushing system DNS in OS X is either insufficient, ineffective, or impossible. While this could be valuable for any user who is working with DNS, web workers and developers should find this Chrome specific DNS clearing trick to be particularly useful.

Note this has nothing to do with clearing general web cache and history from Chrome or removing cookies from Chrome, this is specifically focused on DNS caches.
Clearing DNS Caches in Google Chrome Browser

This browser limited DNS cache flushing trick is the same in all versions of Chrome whether for Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux.

    From the Google Chrome browser, hit Command+L on a Mac (or Control+L on a PC) to place the cursor into the URL Bar, then enter the following URL exactly:

    Hit return to access all DNS details, name servers, entries, and lookups in Chrome, look under the “Host resolver cache” section for the “Clear host cache” button – click this button to clear out all DNS cache specifically for the Chrome web browser

Clear Chrome web browser DNS host caches manually

Once the Chrome DNS cache has been cleared out your active and expired entry count will reset to zero and the browser will have dumped all DNS caches. You do not need to relaunch the Chrome browser for changes to take effect to DNS cache, which makes this a little less intrusive (and browser specific) compared to flushing system DNS.

If you’re doing this to help resolve a particular server or URL, try visiting the URL again and with the DNS caches flushed it should work fine.

Again, this will not impact the general browser data in Chrome, it is limited to DNS caches contained within the Chrome app. You must clear web caches and history in Chrome separately if you’re looking to simply remove stale versions of a page or some other web data stored locally.

Chrome has many features beyond what is obvious to the average user, making it one of the most powerful web browsers out there and a favorite for web developers and designers. If you’re interested in learning more about some of the fancier hidden tricks available in the Chrome browser, you can monitor web bandwidth within Chrome, discard memory from unused tabs, change the user agents within the browser, and much more.

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Miss F. Cornelia Cogwright

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Amaranth/Miss-F.-Cornelia-Cogwright

Miss F. Cornelia Cogwright


Regular Price: $10.00

Introductory Price:  $7.00

Save: 30% off

 Sale Expires: Sunday 31 July, 2016



Miss Cornelia Cogwright

The Mayor shook hands with the strangely outfitted woman.  Her grip firm, her fingers oddly warm, as she says something sounding like, "At your service, and call me ef-see-see."  

Looking down at the business card sheíd given him, - the illusory 3-dimensional quality not printed with ink but embossed as if done with a hot branding iron.

Then it clicked, she wanted to be addressed by her initials, "F.C.C."

She had made quite a stir entering town, her wrought iron wagon, with fire cage and boiler - replete with strange copper fittings, rotating governors and flywheels all in motion. Horses bolted, town folk gawked at the d'nouement, a loud blast of steam whistle tailing off to a great hiss as she clambered down from the wagon.  

"Yes, Mr Mayor, I have heard of your drought", she said with bold confidence, "I can make it rain,"
Pausing for a long moment she added in a conspiratorial whisper, "But I will need an advance to purchase the supplies we will need."

Story by Will.


Steampunk ahead !

Super conforming dress and super conforming corset for Pauline with a smart propped hat.

You get the UV Maps too to create your own textures for this darling outfit.



PC and Mac compatible
Poser 11+



Usage Tips or Limitations:

There is no limitation on the morphs. Posing with limits on is a suggestion, otherwise spinning the dials higher then 1.000 or -1.000 would give strange results!

There can be deformation of the watch and straps on the corset while twisting and bending Pauline.


Dress :

Corset :

Hat :


FRM Designers

Fantasy Attic Sponsors