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Pyro M4

Link: http://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Prae/Pyro-M4

Pyro M4

Pyro M4


This super conforming outfit for M4 and H4 consists of a Top, Trousers and Choker. It comes with 6 high resolution texture maps at 3000 x 3000 - Ash, Bark, charcoal, Electric, Ember and Night as well as 6 coloured mat pose files in Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Red and Purple for both poser and Daz Studio. There are seperate material groups for the rings and laces so they can be hidden or the textures can be mixed and matched as you like.


System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible
Poser 5+
Daz Studio 3+


Product Notes

Before loading clothing make sure M4 is loaded, selected and zeroed. Turn off Inverse Kinematics select "figure" from the "menu bar" then "use Inverse Kinematics" un-tick "left leg" and "right leg". To zero the figure select 'window' from the 'menu bar' then 'joint editor'  make sure M4's body is selected and click 'zero figure'.

Pyro Top
 Make sure the M4 figure that you want to conform the Top to is selected and load the Top. Make sure the Top is selected and select 'Figure' from the 'menu bar' then 'conform to' click the drop down and select 'Michael4' and click OK.

Pyro Trousers and Choker.
Repeat the same steps as for the Top
There are also some adjustment morphs to help fix any poke through.


All Figures


Body Builder
Beer Belly

Hiro 4

Hiro Body
Hiro Realistic
Hiro Stylized
Hiro Built   

Neck Thickness
Trap Size
Lats Size


Shoulder Thickness
Shoulder Massive
Arm Size

Chest Sternum
Chest Small
Chest Size
Chest Massive
Chest Large
Chest Flatten
Chest Droop
Chest Diameter
Chest Built

Hip Size
Waist Width
Belly Thin
Belly Smooth
Belly Thickness
Stomach Depth
Torso Thickness
Tummy Out


Glute Size
Glute Raise L
Glute Raise R


Thighs Thickness
Thighs Tone
Shins Thickness
Calves Flex


Adjust Upper Torso
Adjust Arms
Adjust Waist
Adjust Neck
Adjust Back
Adjust Front
Adjust Left Side
Adjust Right Side
Adjust Waist
ADjust Shoulders
Adjust Chest
Adjust Hips
Adjust THighs
Adjust Shins
Adjust Buttocks
Adjust Stomach
Adjust Groin


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How to Clear Cache & History in Chrome for Mac OS X

Link: http://osxdaily.com/

How to Clear Cache & History in Chrome for Mac OS X

brought to you by Mac OSX Daily

Like all web browsers, Google Chrome maintains cache and history of a user browsing habits so that frequently visited webpages are quicker to load again, and so that users can easily retrieve and return to sites they were visiting before. There are many occasions when Mac users may wish to clear out Chrome cache, web data, download history, cookies, and browsing history, often for development, troubleshooting, or privacy purposes, and thus knowing how to clear out this browser data within the Google Chrome and Chrome Canary web browsers of OS X is helpful.



How to Clear Chrome Cache, Browsing History, & Web Data from Google Chrome in Mac OS X

The simplest way to empty Chrome browser caches and web data is through the built-in clearing mechanism, this is easily accessible and customizable within the Chrome browsers on the Mac:

    1. Open Chrome if you haven’t done so already, then go to the “Chrome” menu
    2. Choose “Clear Browsing Data” from the menu list
    1. At the “Clear browsing data” screen in Chrome, choose what web data and caches you wish to clear, and choose the time period to delete from: (Select “the beginning of time” if you wish to delete all data from all periods of Chrome usage)
      • Browsing history – this is the record of web pages and sites you have visited in Chrome
      • Download history – a record of files downloaded within Google Chrome
      • Cookies and other site and plugin data – cookies may include customizations and preferences for specific web pages, as well as usage data
      • Cached images and files – the locally stored cache files and media from web pages visited in Chrome (more on the exact locations of this data in a moment)
      • Passwords – any stored logins, usernames, authentication details
      • Autofill form data – any information chosen to keep in autofill, typically addresses
      • Hosted app data – browser based apps local data and preferences
      • Content licenses – usually for multimedia
  1. Choose “Clear browsing data” to empty the caches, history, and web data from the period of time chosen (again, pick “the beginning of time” to delete all data from Chrome)

The Chrome settings based approach of removing browser caches is basically the same in all versions of the browser, whether in Mac OS X as covered here, or in Linux or Windows, even clearing cache and history in Chrome for iOS is largely the same, though accessing the settings menu is different on the mobile side of things compared to desktop versions.

Google Chrome Local Cache Location in Mac OS X

Another option is to manually delete Chrome cache and web data based through the file system on a Mac. This is similar to manually emptying cache in Safari for Mac, and is best reserved for more advanced users only.

Chrome cache files are stored in two primary locations within the user folder of OS X, these can be accessed directly from the user Library folder or with the Command+Shift+G Go To Folder command, the direct paths are as follows:



~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Application Cache/

If you are going to modify or delete Chrome cache files manually, be sure to quit the application before doing so.

Do not modify or delete cache files or folders manually unless you no longer want browser cache to be accessible for those pages.

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Designer Sale Feb 2-10, 2016

Link: http://fantasiesrealm.com/market

Visit our store for even more products ! 




It's all in the hair! Why stay with the run of the mill hair colors. If Dorothy can ask for her gown to match her eyes, why can't V4 ask for her hair to coordinate with her gown?

alexaana-KattCollab have provided you with this wonderful set of textures for BO Jomi Hair in many gorgeous colors to go with just about any color in your outfits. 

Use it to match your clothing or to bring out one of the colors in the outfit, this is just one of the many hair colors we have at our market.

Image credits:
Hairlicious Jomi Hair by alexaana-KattCollab
Ariel V4 *Exclusive* by FuzzyLogic Creations
TinyAngels Malo La Paz * Exclusive* for La Paz dress
alexaana's Simple Backdrops -- One overlayed on top of a general gradient back.

Creation by DarkAngel



Have some 'tubular' fun with Hein and Aina - a charming little 'old world' couple by Nursoda brought to you as 
'tubes' by hinoto. Tubes are essentially .png renders of characters with transparent backgrounds that you can 
use them anyway you like in your graphics program to create images by compositing them with your background 
and other tubes you might make yourself. 

I think Aina is going to have some fun with Hein. He's not kidding her. He's trying to escape the house and go to the
pub for a pint! 


House is the "Regency Cottage - Ext" (DAZ)
Roses from "LB_Briar Rose" (and) "Rose Garden" by Traveler & Judith (rDNA)
Trees. flowers & grass also by Traveler & Judith & Modulaz (rDNA)

Creation by Sidherose



Anna expects the coming of her lover in next minutes. He promised talk to her of an important topic.
So she prepared his favourite tea.
"Charming tea set" is a pack for sweet moments of your characters. Here the render is in DS4, but you have also a Poser version. Tea cup, saucer, spoon, plate... all parts of a tea set are there.

Charming tea set, by FuzzyLogic Creations (on FRM, exclusively)
New 3 Delight Mats for Charming Tea Set, by FuzzyLogic Creations (on FRM)
Branwen for G2F, by Amaranth (on FRM)
Polly Anna G2F (just skin here), by Amaranth (on FRM)
Simple coffee table, by ReliX Studios (on AFZ)
Secret garden shaded haven, by Forbidden Whispers (on Daz)

Creation by Aelin



Desenos Bellas by TinyAngel Art
TinyAngel Art presents to you these two outfit textures, each one has mix or match sets to even extend your clothing capabilites.

Left Outfit: Malo Lapaz *Exclusive*  for Swam's Lapaz 
Right: Outfit: Malo Tavern Dress *Exclusive* for EvilInnocence Tavern Dress
Model: Fuzzy Logic Creations Ariel V4 *Exclusive* 
Hair: alexaana_KattCollab's Hairlicious for  Jomi (OOT/Bice)
Lighting: gamedever Gen-Lights
Background: NGartplay Watchmakers Stationary
Candlelabra: FK Sage Babylon
Shoes: idler's Pumps and Socks (on right)

Creation by DarkAngel

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GQ Male for Dusk

Link: http://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Glitterati3D-Eblank/GQ-Male-for-Dusk

GQ for Dusk

The beginning of a new team Glitterati3D and Eblank have gotten together to bring you this standalone (base) outfit for Dusk.

To dress GQ is to enjoy a more fashionable wardrobe and a more polished appearance,  presenting yourself with a bit more panache,  wearing clothes that fit well and match.

Here, we begin our GQ line of clothing for Hivewire's Dusk.

Included are:
Casual Jacket with rolled cuffs
Sleeveless Shirt
Casual Pants
Shoes and Socks

Cutom Morphs:
Jacket Open Left and Right
Hand on Hip Left and Right

Included Starter Morphs:
Super Model

Included Size & Shape Morphs:

Please note: When using the Size & Shape Morphs in Poser, the user will need to go to the Properties Tab and ensure that When Morphing>Follow Origins is ON (checked) for the morphs to work properly.

Some adjustments in rotations may be required on the more extreme morphs after posing, i.e., shoulder front/back on Jacket sleeves.


System / Software Requirements :

Poser 9+ (Poser version)
DS4.8+ (DS version)
Hivewire Dusk
Starter, Shapes and Sizes Morphs optional


Usage Tips or Limitations :
Pokethrough will be minimized if you set the Skinning Method to Unimesh in Poser on Dusk.  (Main Menu: Figure>Skinning Method>Unimesh)


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Problem with Poser programs after update?

There is a Windows 10 update that is creating a problem with Poser. The following is the "cure" and the number of the update being naughty.

Thank you thelufias for this information of how to stop it.


I recall reading in here someone saying that they had a problem with Poser due to a Windows Update listed as KB3132372.  That IS a Windows 10 update and has caused havoc with many other programs....including my Incredimail.....so here is the cure....

Windows 10:

1.      Go to: Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/Programs and Features
2.      Select 'View Installed updates' on the left menu
3.      Select update KB3132372 that is listed under Microsoft Windows, and click 'Uninstall a program'.
4.      Once it's done, please restart your computer.



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