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Lil Alien Guy (Exclusive)

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/The-Darker-Side-Of-Arts/Lil-Alien-Guy-Exclusive

Alien Guy

LiL Alien Guy

Here is another visitor from space or dimension. Many ideas will form in your mind for the images you will create with him.

Poser 9+
Daz 4+
PC/Mac Compatible

Contents include:
Belly Rub
Default Pose
Hand out
Pissed Off

SSS Materials:
 Blue Grey Skin
 Bonus Skin 1
 Bonus Skin 2
 Brown Skin
 Dark Green Skin
 Flesh Skin
 Green Skin
 Grey Skin
 Light Green Skin
 Light Grey Skin
 Olive Red Skin
 Olive Skin

NS Materials:
Black Alien eyes
Dilated Blue Eyes
Dilated Blue Green Eyes
Dilated Blue Green Eyes
Dilated Brown Eyes
Dilated Green Eyes
Dilated Mixed Eyes
Dilated Yellow Eyes
Fully Dilated Eyes
Normal Blue eyes
Normal Blue green Eyes
Normal Brown Eyes
Normal Green Eyes
Normal Mixed Eyes
Normal Yellow Eyes

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Bora Outfit V4-A4

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Prae/Bora-Outfit-V4-A4

Bora for V4/A4

Bora Outfit

Versatile outfit for V4/A4. You can make the skirt longer, flared change colors to mix or match.

Files Included in the Product:

A Top, Skirt and Boots, each with 8 Leather textures and 8  Latex textures.

The colors:

PC/Mac Compatible
Poser 6+
Victoria 4



This product needs to be conformed to and magnetized to V4 before use.

Before loading clothing make sure V4 is loaded, selected and zeroed.

For Poser 8 and older versions, turn off Inverse Kinematics by selecting figure from the menu bar, then use Inverse Kinematics, un-tick left leg and right leg.

To zero the figure select window from the menu bar then joint editor make sure V4ís body is selected and click zero figure.

For Poser 9, 2012 users, simply select Figure from the file menu and then Zero Figure.

Make sure the V4 figure that you want to conform the clothing to is selected and load the clothing. Make sure the clothing is selected and select Figure from the menu bar then Conform To, click the drop down and select Victoria4 and click OK.

Click Figure again and this time click Set Figure Parent, then scroll down and select Victoria4's body from the list and click OK. Make sure the clothing figure is selected and go to V4's pose folder, magnetize clothing and choose the correct magnetize for the figure. Pose Vicky and change her morphs as you wish.

The bones for the Skirt are controlled by dials in the figure's body parameters. Simply select the body of the skirt and move the 'Twist'  'SidetoSide' and 'Bend' dials under'Skirt Movement.'

There are also adjustment morphs to help fix any poke through.


1. AFTER selecting item to color, choose the color you want THE BELT to be by using the main colors shown.
2. THEN go to the "cloth" folder and select the color for the skirt/top to change.

Now you have the item one color and the belt in another shade.


Top, Skirt.

Full Body

Young, Voluptuous, Thin
PearFigure, Fitness, Bulk
Body Builder, Amazon

Upper Torso

Inhale, Lats Size, Traps Size.


Arm Size, Shoulders Thickness


Breasts Size, Breasts Implant, Breasts Droop
Breasts Cleavage, Breasts Large, Nipples Height, Nipples Depth
Breasts Perk, Breasts Natural, Breasts HangForward
Breasts Diameter, Breasts Flatten, Areola Size
Areola Out, Areola Perk, Nipples
Lower Torso

Waist Width, Tummy Out, Torso Thickness
Stomach Depth, Hips Size
Belly Thin, Belly Thickness
Belly Smooth


Glutes Size
Glute RaiseR
Glute RaiseL


Thighs Thickness
Thighs Tone.

Aiko 4

Stylized, Realistic
Adjustment Morphs

Adjust RightSide, Adjust LeftSide, Adjust Thighs
Adjust Waist, Adjust Hips
Adjust Buttocks
Adjust Back, Adjust Stomach
Adjust Front, Adjust Cups, Adjust Breasts
Adjust Torso Up, Adjust Arms, Adjust Collars Up.

Skirt Morphs

SkirtFlare, Skirt Long, Sitting
Left Side Out, Right Side Out
Left Leg Back, Right Leg Back
Left Leg Forward, Right Leg Forward

There is a "no node" version of the texture mats for Daz
Studio and older versions of Poser as well as versions for
poser 6 and up.

Textures are not optimized for Daz Studio


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Witch Broom - Evil Dragon - Guild Weapons IV - Steam Chopper -- All Exclusives

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Summoner/

Summoner's Witch Broom
You Like Witches , have Witches , but you don't have the right Broom?
Now you have it, your Witches will just look Perfect with this Witch Broom.
 Fully articulated Figure , use it as a Witch Weapon or as a Broom with thruster, all up to your Imagination.
!! Poser Fan Art !!
 Product Requirements and Compatibility:
 Poser 2014 +++
 Supported in Daz Studio

Here are some poses for Dawn for the broom by KageRyu


Summoner's Evil-Dragon
Need another Dragon? Do You Like Dragons?
Then you are going to really like this one. A fully WM Articulated Figure For Poser Newest Standard. Comes with Easy Pose Tail and Neck
 Some Expression Bones for the eye and Mouth. Tongue Articulated.
Wings Have a System that works like a Hand with Membranes this feature makes it Comfortable To Pose in a smooth way.
No Promo Poses as I Placed Him on a Wood Trunk for the Promos.
 Legs have IK Options to pose the Dragon in a easy way.
 A fun figure for your Fantasy Renders!
!! Poser Fan Art !!
 Product Requirements and Compatibility:
 Poser 2014 +++
 Not Supported in Daz Studio

Summoner's Guild-Weapons IV
This is The Fourth Package of a Highly Detailed Prop
Simple they are but with a lot of Details for good Render Closeups.
This Package has again 10 Artifact Weapons
You are going to find a Large amount of use For these Amazing Pieces of Art in your Fantasy Renders.
!! Poser Fan Art !!
 Product Requirements and Compatibility:
 Poser 7 +++
 Supported in Daz Studio
You get:

Summoner's Steam-Chopper
 Here starts the Fun with this fully Articulated Steam Bike!
Wheels Spin, Side wagon can individually be hidden, Optional Steering Wheels with a Steer Bouncing effect and V4 Starter Sitting Poses for every Seat.
Toon Effect on the Chopper that makes it really Interesting for another type of Render. A Figure that you for sure do not want to miss in your Runtime.
!! Poser Fan Art !!
 Product Requirements and Compatibility:
 Poser 7 +++
 Supported in Daz Studio
 You get:
 1 Steam-Chopper
 10 Poses

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Faces for G2F and V6

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Farconville/Faces-for-G2F-V6

Faces 1 for Genesis 2 Female and V6
Faces 1 for Genesis 2 Female and Victoria 6  is comprised of 10 custom face morphs without any textures.
Files for DAZ Studio 4.9 and up are optimized in this set.  Apply Shape files directly to Genesis 2 Female and Victoria 6. This is set has been tested for  DAZ Studio 4.9, not tested for Poser.
System Requirements:
PC and Mac compatible
 DazStudio 4.9 or greater
 Needed Files:
Genesis 2 Female and Victoria 6  available at Daz3d

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Summoner's Magic Scroll and Guild Weapons: IV-A *Exclusives*

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Summoner

Summoner's Magic-Scroll

Here you will get a Fun Detailed Morphing Scroll , containing a Dial to pull the Papyrus out and with a little Experience you can change the Paper's Image in a Image editor with ease to make your own Magic Papers.

I used this model to figure out a good result to make the Paper in out effect and it seems to work quiet all right.

!! Poser Fan Art !!
Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 7 +++
Supported in Daz Studio


Summoner's Guild-Weapons IV-A


In This Package you will find The Heavy Crossbow.

This Crossbow is fully Interactive able to simulate The Load Effect, built into a Master parameter.

Turn the Dial and all works by it self.

You naturally can also interact with the different Body-parts to get your own Results. An Amazing Piece of Art highly Detailed for good  Closeups Fully Articulated 3D Figure Design.

A Great addition to the Guild Weapon Collection.

You get:
1 Bolt
1 Heavy Crossbow

!! Poser Fan Art !!
Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 7 +++
Supported in Daz Studio

Guild Weapon: IV-A

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