Bree V4


Bree V4



Bree is a custom character morph & texture set for Daz's V4.

She comes with a beautiful default skin, 14 fantasy & everday eye choices, 9 beautifully detailed make up choices, & 4 realistic tattoo choices (left arm, right arm, both arms, & chest).

Bree is also designed & optimized to utilize Poser's Sub Surface Scattering for her skin. She comes with SSS Skin shaders of all her make ups, tattoos, & default skin.

She was designed with the Poser user in mind who appreciates fine quality & highly detailed characters for their renders.

With her several eye & make up choices, Bree is perfect for any scene or situation you put her in. So add some class to your runtime & pick up a copy of Bree today!

System Requirements:

Poser 5/6/7/8/Daz Studio 2.3/3.0/4
Victoria 4.2 found at
Although Bree will work in Daz Studio, no Daz Studio support is offered.
Bree is optimized for Poser so Daz Studio user's may not get the full effect of her materials in their renders.

- Some Poser users may have to adjust some materials in Poser's material room.

Files: 1

Size: 44Mb



Swimsuit and Poses for Genesis 2 Male



A dashing swimsuit for  Genesis 2 Male.  This piece of wardrobe has been made specifically for Genesis 2 Male and its shapes and to be used on DAZ Studio 4.5 or greater. 

This has been made meticulously. May be used on other forms, but may introduce distortion.

8 poses are included in this package as an added bonus!

16 different colors and styles  are included for each, and this one of a kind set is available for purchase for just a reasonable price.


System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible
DazStudio 4.5 and up


Needed Files:

Genesis 2
Disclaimer: May be used on other forms, but may introduce distortion.

Usage Tips or Limitations:

For DAZ Studio 4.5: Load Genesis 2 Male and click on clothing.



Rage for Genesis 2 Female DAZ only


RAGE! THIS IS Raging expressions FOR G2F.

Special facial expressions meticulously made for the Female Genesis 2, ready to be used with this character in DAZ Studio 4 or greater.

This cannot be used in Poser.

Load Genesis 2 Base and apply expressions. May work with the Genesis character as well. This collection of 30 expressions is available for purchase for just a reasonable price.


System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible

DazStudio 4.5 or greater


Needed Files: Genesis 2 Female


Usage Tips or Limitations:

For DAZ Studio 4.5: Load Genesis 2 Female Base and apply expression.


There seems to be people out there with too much time on their hands and they are trying to scam you out of money and time. They send out emails to registered domain owners telling them that there is there own or another domain similar to theirs for sale. Some will ask for money in the email others will just  ask you to seriously inquire about the sale.

Here is what has to say about it...remember this is an older article -- however, the insight does still apply to this and other types of info finding (phishing) scams.



I just found the following email sent to us in our easyDNS support queue:

From: Global Domains International
Subject: Regarding your domain name
Date: Tue, 01 May 2012 17:01:41 +0400
To: From: Global Domains International

Hello, I have the .COM version of your domain name for sale.

Would you be interested in buying the domain for $250 seeing as though
you own the same domain but in another extension ?

We can use Escrow for the transfer and I will cover the fees.
Let me know

Thankyou Shawn.
Global Domains International


How The Scam Works

The first time I saw this one, I figured that the guy on the other end simply screwed up, because when I went to check the whois record for the domain I realized that he hadn’t registered the domain yet!

I figured “his screw-up, our gain”, and I simply hand-registered the domain myself. No need to spend $250 on a simple domain registration on an unregistered domain that matched one we already owned.

Then I got the exact same thing for another domain a little while later and I finally realized what was happening: it was just another domain registration scam.

All these guys do is harvest the public records for domain registrations, then look for “gaps”, where a .com may still be available for a .net that is registered. They compile a list of these “targets” and then email the .net domain holders.

If any of them “bite” and agree to buy the .com version then all they do is hand register the domain themselves on spot and turn around and sell it to you for $250! Instant arbitrage.

So every time I see these emails now I simply hand register the domain for a fraction of the price.

Save Yourself the Trouble of a Legal Hassle

The other aspect of these emails are that they are deliberately targeting domains you already own, relying on your desire to “defend your mark” to agree to their terms. Their price is $250, about 1/10th what it would cost you to launch a domain dispute against them if they really owned the name.

If they did really own the domain names they are trying to sell to unwitting registrants, what they are doing is a near-textbook case for a Domain Dispute Proceeding or “UDRP” (Universal Domain Resolution Protocol).

(Remember the following if you ever find yourself facing somebody offering to sell you a variation of your name for real:)

Under the UDRP, a domain registrant must be able to prove 3 things in order to have a domain name transferred from a third party to themselves:

  1. That the person who registered the domain has no legitimate interests in the domain
  2. That your business is or could be impaired by the confusion caused by their ownership of this name.
  3. An element of “Bad Faith” – that is that they registered the name with the implicit intent to either impair your brand/mark or to profit by selling it to you.

Had the scammers sending these emails really registered the alternative versions of these domains they would lose any UDRP launched against them  – but it would cost 10 times as much as simply buying it from them.

This is the logic they are relying on when they send these scams out.

Don’t fall for it:

  • When you register a domain name and want to “lock it up”, try to get the following versions: .com, .net, .org and the country-code domains of your home country, i.e. .ca or .de
  • The rest of the variations you can probably not worry about. There is another scam trying to get you to register your name in obscure foreign country codes.

More on that one in another email.

This article was sent to the Domain Insights by the easyDNS Guy mailing list.


Check out this site for more useful information.




Powerful. Easy to Use. Lightweight.

ClamXav is a trusted and highly recommended anti-virus and malware scanner for Mac OS X with the ability to detect both Mac and Windows threats.

ClamXav puts you in control - it can be set up up to scan either the specific files you tell it to, or your entire hard drive, whichever you prefer. If you like, you can also choose to activate Sentry to monitor your computer and scan any new files as they arrive. Automate scans and database updates to match your schedule.

Running silently in the background, ClamXav Sentry is so lightweight that you'll barely even notice it's running.

Let ClamXav work for you, and with you. It will give you peace of mind, and it won't get in your way.

Other benefits to ClamXav:

  • no yearly subscription fees
  • free malware database updates
  • free customer support
  • move dangerous files to a safe quarantine folder

Easy to use

Clearly lists infected files.
Save your favourite scan locations.
Free virus definition updates.





Exclude files or whole disks/folders.
Quarantine or Trash files with one click.









Schedule scans and updates.
Monitor your Mac with ClamXav Sentry.




System Requirements: Requires OS X 10.6 or newer

Older versions are still available for For Mac OS X 10.5 and Mac OS X 10.4


Visit their website for more information and tips.



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