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Summoner Exclusives -- Root Chandelier, Dungeon Stairs, Root Table, Root mirror

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Summoner/

Root Chandelier

This is a must have for the rustic or ruined scenery. A Chandelier that is a root! There will be a couple more root items coming soon.


It's Dungeon time ! Simple Fast and sure not heavy
Environment for your Gothic Interior Scenes.

A Prop assembled with Gargoyle Statues on the Wall
I made it that way to be able to select these to
ease up your Cam movements.

This Interior not meant to be used as Exterior
Building will render in Seconds giving you Stunning

There is also a Basic Point light setting
that can be loaded for a good Start-up.

Complete the Gothic Series with this stunning Dungeon
in your Runtime...


Here is another root item in this series: the Root Table

Use it in most situations indoors, outdoors or wherever your imagination takes you.

Root Mirror

This prop is just amazingly made. It has such a wonderful reflection, the decoration at the top is detailed. This prop goes well with the Root Chandeleir and Root Table.

Ready for your gothic, woodsy or rustic images.



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Summoner's Exclusives --- Skull torch, Dragon Throne, Rune Table and Chair, Rune Bed

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Summoner/

Skull Torch

This is just what it says to be, a Skull head torch for your dungeons or exploring those deep and dark caverns.

Dragon Throne

Need something for your ruler to really show off their prowess? How's about a throne  fit for that dragon slayer, no matter what type of character they are. Human, alien or critter....yes, even a toon can use this to show their foes that they are a force to be reckoned with.

You get the prop to use either together or separately. Using the throne or choosing to use only the head part for decorating purposes or having your character standing within it, the choice is yours how you utilize this marvelous prop.

Rune Table and Chair

Just what you need for those castle, hidden hideaway or where ever you want to decorate with these. Boy that table and chair are heavy so make sure you put it where you want it to stay, just so you have to strain muscles to move it again.

Use these props together or alone!

Rune Bed

You get this really heavy bed for your gothic rooms. Very indespensible for you renders of those "old fashioned" bedrooms.

Poser 7+
Daz 3+
PC/Mac Compatible

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Summoner's Exclusives --- Snow Bike, Jet Ski, Dragoling Skull, Silent Bedroom

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Summoner/

Snow Bike

Do you wanna go for a ride. Give your characters something fun for their holidays, birthdays or just because.

You get the prop which has movable parts, skis,handles to name a few.

Jet Ski

You get a Jet Ski to let your characters play with. Let them take to the lake or sea with backgrounds of your choice.

Poser 7+
DS 3+

Dragoling Skull

Just a little something for your gothic rooms or to use your imagination on....making it smaller or larger than presented..depending on your needs.....LOL

You get the base and the dragon skull both can be moved separately.


A Full Interior Setup of an old Bedroom.

58 Interior props that also can be used Individually. They will be loaded all at once on the right place of the room.

A Room Figure with Articulated Doors. this set will come with a Empty Room, A Full Preset with all Props.

A Static Full version and a version with a Light setup are included.

 It might be the first of 3 planed Rooms if all turns out well.
An Amazing room with loads of options for your Creative Art that you sure don't want to miss out.


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Summoner's Exclusives -- Hideout-Library, Ice-Drago II, Moonlight Jaguar, Magic Portal

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Summoner/


Actually a simple but effective Interior with high details for your Artworks.

Full Static Prop left as empty as Possible to allow you having enough space to place Furniture Statues and other models you have collected so far and for sure there should be enough Space for it.

Note this is only an Interior Scene it can't be used from
the outside ... I am sure that you are going to have many usefull ideas for
your Artworks with this Hideout.

Ice-Drago II

From the Dragon Series fully Articulated WM Poser Figure High tech system High res. Membranes that have a Fur Effects in two versions One Full one Broken.

Ice Cubes on the body that have ts own material zone and Easy Pose Tail and high detailed bending features on the Wings.

If you Like Dragons, If you collect them then sure this one will be a must for your runtime.

Promo Poses are Included in this Package.


A magical Creature of the Moon that will give a lot of Charm to your Fantasy Artworks.

Full Standalone Weight Mapped Poser figure in highest Standard. Integrated Facial Expression bone System WM Scale and Translations on every Body-part to use like Morphs or Pose Corrections.

Easy Pose Tail, Open mouth and Teeth length morphs found in the Jaw.
IK enabled Legs to help you pose the Jaguar in an easy Way. Included are the 4  Promo Poses for a good Startup.

If you like Fantasy Creatures then you are going to
Love the Moonlight-Jaguar.


There is not much to say , actually just a simple Portal for your Fantasy Scenes, Not really for Closeups.

A Multi Parented Prop Figure to be able to simulate A ruin when it Breaks.
Actually it was not planed to finish up this Prop but I thought it be better to share it then to Place it into the Recycle bin.

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Summoner's Ghost-Demon, Gothic Bed, Hippogryph Exclusives

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Summoner/


Not sure what tomb this creature escaped from must be some kind of ancient Mummy.

Full Standalone Poser weight mapped Figure tail has integrated Easy-Pose to make life a little Easy. The Drape has a simple adjustment Articulation that will allow you to Adapt it to the body position with ease.

This Ghost comes with a few Material Settings and the Promo Poses.

Sure a fun Figure to play with and getting great results in Artworks.


Actually Simple but with some neat Features and tell me what would be a Runtime without a Bed ?

This Bed will for sure give some Charm to your Gothic Scenes and to help motivate your

The Bed has Articulated Curtains that you can Close, Open, Hide and Move. The rest is Static and Simple.

I am sure it will enchant your Dolls to pass a Night on it and you may even have the right Castle room to pace It.

An Amazing Fantasy Creature made specially for Poser

Fully Weight Mapped to get a wide range of Bending and Pose adjustments. Wings have Easy Pose for faster Posing.

You also get 3 different material settings and Mix/Match options, Promo Poses are Included, blue, red and white.

There are two types of Materials one for fast simple  rendering and a type that takes a little longer, offering great Results.


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