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Welcome our newset designer --- RenderCandy

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/RenderCandy

Please welcome RenderCandy to our store. To start things off we will be placing her previously offered products to our store. Many exclusives too!

She took some time off for life and has recently started creating again so  soon we will be placing some new items too. So whether you are a seasoned artist or a babe in the woods, stay tuned for more wonderful products by RenderCandy


Thanks for picking up these Beautiful Places. All you need to do is add your own elements to make your fantastic "places" come alive.

You get 12 beautiful hi-res backgrounds at 3000 x 2000px

The Boss M4


He comes into view and right away you know not to give him trouble. Giving him greif may be harmful to your health. He is the "Boss" so do what you are told and all will be fine.

Included in this package
~~~~ Character ~~~~
1 face inj/rem
 1 body inj/rem
 1 torso texture
 1 torso texture bump
 1 face texture
 1 face texture bump
 1 limbs texture
 1 limbs texture bump
 1 mouth texture
 1 Tear texture
 1 eye color options
 1 lash options

 System Requirements:
PC/Mac compatible
 Michael 4
 M4 Morphs ++
Daz 3+

City of Dreams


What a great start at creating your own cities of dreams. Let loose your imagination.
10 beautifully designed fantasy hi-res backgrounds

Files included:
Red Bahama    1600x1200px
 Flamingo Nights  1400x1250 px
 Nights in the city    1200x1200 px
 Solitair    1450x1088px
 Lavender Moon    1600x1200px
 The Dream        1400x1050px
 The Island        1600x1200px
 Tranquility        1400x1050px
 fire in the sky    1400x1400px
 moonlight by the collumn     1400x1050px


 Requirements: any image editing program that reads jpg format

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