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how to turn off Safe Mode on your Android


Today I’m talking about how some of us enter into safe mode and sadly, get trapped.

Safe mode isn’t troubled itself. In fact, it helps us solve our device issues. However, regardless of how helpful safe mode is, sometimes it can leave us stuck with nowhere to go.

However, there is hope. The web offers a lot of methods for turning off safe mode on Android. I’ve rounded up 10 of them that are proven effective in solving this inevitable problem.

I’m starting off with the simplest ways, so I recommend trying each method as you go down this list so you aren’t trying something unnecessarily difficult when a much easier solution would have done the job just fine.

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1. Restart

Restart is our go-to method to solve all kinds of phone issues. If your phone lags, you immediately restart your device.

It’s also the simplest way to turn off safe mode on your Android phone.

    1. Press and hold the power button.

      Press and hold power button

    2. From the menu presented, select Restart/Reboot. Some devices, however, only have the Power Off option.

      Restart option android phone in safe mode

    3. If your phone has the Restart option, it should power up automatically after it goes off.

      If you don’t, just press the power button again once it’s off to turn the phone back on.


2. Using the Notifications Panel

So what if the phone is still stuck in safe mode even after you’ve performed a restart. It’s time to pay attention to the notifications panel.

    1. Pull down the notifications panel.

    2. Tap the Safe Mode button to turn it off. Please note, though, that some phones don’t have this feature on their phones.

      Safe mode enabled on notifications bar


    3. If you’re among the lucky ones whose smartphones have the Safe Mode button on the Notifications Bar, you should see that the device automatically restarts to get you out of safe mode after you disable it. I’ve seen this feature on a Samsung Galaxy phone, so if you own one, you should be seeing it on the notifications panel, too.

      Option to disable safe mode


3. Key Combinations (Power + Volume)

Sometimes, in order to make a trick work, you should combine multiple elements. The same thing works with turning off the safe mode in Android. Pressing the Power key together with the Volume rocker might be the help you need.

  1. Turn off the smartphone.

  2. Once you’re sure it’s off, press and hold the Power button until you see the logo on the screen, then release.

  3. Quickly press the Volume Down button and hold it for few seconds until you see the message “Safe Mode: OFF” or something similar.

4. Cut Off All Power

If you still cannot turn off your Android’s Safe Mode, try this. The following method rules out any residual power remaining in your phone, as well as resetting the SIM card.

  1. Take off the back case and remove the battery. Of course, this only works for phones with a removable battery.

    Remove battery from android phone

  2. Dislodge the SIM card.

    Remove sim card from android phone

  3. Reinsert the SIM card.

  4. Replace the battery.

5. Wipe the Cache of an App

If you suspect that an app is causing your issue, but can’t bear the thought of uninstalling it, you can try this method first. It’s simple and it works in almost all Android devices.

  1. Go to Settings and look for the Apps menu. My phone calls the Apps menu as Application Management. It doesn’t matter, though.

    Look for the application management menu

  2. Find the corrupted app and select it. Let’s say, my Facebook app is corrupted. Please note that I neither have any problem with Facebook nor Mark Zuckerberg. Just kidding!

    Supposing Facebook app is corrupted

  3. Choose Clear cache.

    Facebook app clear cache

6. Clear App Data

While this method is similar to the last one, this approach is a little more drastic because you will clear both the cache and any personal preferences such as your login or settings.

  1. From Settings, look for the Apps menu.

    Look for the application management menu

  2. Select the corrupted app by pressing on it.

  3. Tap on Clear data.

7. Uninstall the Corrupted App or Apps

I’m sorry it’s come to this, but any app that has you locked into Safe Mode really isn’t usable anyway. You will, at least, regain access to your other apps and hopefully, help you get out of safe mode.

Apparently, after you take out the oddball, you may want to make use of an app killer so your apps won’t be draining your battery anymore. Take a look at our list of the best app killers out there for recommendations.

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Find and select the Apps menu.

  3. Tap on the corrupted app that you want to disable.

  4. Tap Uninstall.

    Facebook app uninstall

This method is great if you’re only going to uninstall a single application, but if you can’t identify which particular app is the culprit or want to go ahead and eliminate some other apps at the same time, you can try reading our post that offers quick methodsto do so.

8. Wipe the Cache of Your Entire Device

We started out small-scale and that didn’t work. So with the next few methods we are going to pull out the big guns, so to speak, and wipe your device’s cache.

  1. Enter recovery mode.

    Go to recovery mode on android phone

    On many devices, recovery mode can be accessed by turning your phone off, then pressing and holding the power and volume up buttons at the same time. You can select recovery mode with the volume down button.

    On a Samsung phone, you have to turn your phone off. Now press the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons simultaneously. When the phone vibrates or when you see the Samsung logo, release the Power button only. Only when you see the Android Recovery screen appear should you release the Volume Up and Home buttons.

  2. Use the Volume Down button to choose “Wipe cache partition” and the Power button to select it. Your device should instruct you to reboot.

    Recovery mode wipe cache partition option

9. Perform a Factory Reset

Here comes the dreaded factory reset. For starters, factory reset involves deleting everything from your phone- photos, documents, apps, contacts, and messages- and restoring the device to its original state.

Warning: Make a backup first or you will lose anything you have added to the device. You might want to look into supplemental backup apps to ensure that your photos, SMS, videos, and other data are not lost forever.

Via the Settings menu:

  1. Go to the Settings.

  2. Look for the Backup and Reset menu. You can create a backup of some of your data here. However, this is not a 100% backup.

    Look for backup and reset menu

  3. Select Factory data reset or Delete all user data.

    Factory data reset option in settings

  4. Read the disclaimer and tap on Reset Phone. Don’t panic if the phone reboots after you click on the reset option. This is normal.

  5. Once the phone turns on, you can see that all data has been wiped out.

  6. Via the Recovery Mode:

    Enter the Recovery Mode. (Please refer to Method 8)

    Go to recovery mode on android phone

  7. Once you’re in the recovery mode, hold the Power button and press the Volume Up key once and release the power button.

  8. Press the Volume Down button until the Wipe Data/Factory Reset gets highlighted. Tap on the Power key to select it.

    Recovery mode wipe data factory reset

  9. Once finished, choose Reboot system now.

    Recovery mode reboot system now

If you check “Automatically Restore” your phone should take care of the last few steps for you.

10. Troubleshoot Hardware

Let’s say you dropped your device in water. Unless your device is waterproof, this is bad news for your phone. If you have tried the methods above, but safe mode still isn’t going anywhere, it could be that the hardware is causing the issue.

Warning: If you have a warranty, now would be the time to use it instead. Do not disassemble your phone unless you know what you are doing! If you don’t feel comfortable, let someone else handle it. If you know or you can see that something needs to be cleaned, and you feel OK about doing it, perform this step.

  1. Remove and clean any faulty hardware.

    Clean and fix stuck power button

  2. Test the buttons, particularly the Power and Volume buttons, to ensure they are working properly and that none remains stuck. The volume buttons are often responsible for locking in Safe Mode.

    Test power and volume buttons


Most of the time you should be able to simply restart your phone and exit Safe Mode. The rest of the methods can be useful but it’s just not quite that easy. Stuck buttons, bad updates, seedy or buggy applications, and defective hardware can all lead to this issue. Apps may conflict with each other and even the operating system itself can have issues.

Just remember that as frustrating as this experience might have been, Safe Mode is not an enemy. It has been around on desktop computers for a very long time as a means to troubleshoot or recover from a crash safely.

Which method works best for you? Still stuck in Safe Mode? Do you know a method not listed here? Tell me more about it below.

And if you’re still curious about Safe Mode, check out our Ultimate Guide to Safe Mode!


Go visit their site for more wonderful information to wrangle that Android that you enjoy and depend on so much.


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YouTube Subscription Scrollbar is GONE!!!!

Did your YouTube Subscription scrollbar disappear after the 59.0.2 update to Firefox?

They are looking for what happened and so far nada sooooo this is a workaround for the problem.

This is a known issue for Edge, Firefox, Safari and a few others (Google and IE are fine).

Go to the first link first: 
then install the add-on.

If you have trouble getting to the link then just go to Tools > addons > Get Addons > bottom of page click See More Addons > search for Stylus > then install it

Go to the second link:
and mid-page you will see a button to install, click it then it will change to installed when done.

Go back to your youtube subscription page and there should be the scroll bar again. You might need to hover over the area to see it cause on some compputers it will auto disappear. Then you can scroll as usual.


Without this plug in it will only show you some of your subs and then go no further. Thanks to jscheer2000 @ YouTube Forums for the fix until the problem is resolved.


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How to make Gold and Silver to shine in DS

About older Poser products and use in Daz Studio 4+.

Some of you have noticed that when trying to apply a texture in DS, it gives you trouble, especially gold and silver not looking right.

Gold looks dark yellow and Silver looks black when rendered. The following may help with that problem.

For right now I can not give advice on scripts which may be included in products since we are not quite sure of the proper way to use them.

The following suggestion will hopefully give you all a starting point, tweak the settings provided to suit your needs.


- Glossiness needs to be between 50% and 80% to have a "reflection". We can play a lot with the true "reflection".

Here are 2 methods to try.

First method:
- The silver is in "d2 methods to try: iffuse color" black; it's the reason of why it's black in renders. Indeed, DS4 doesn't take in consideration the arborescence of "Blend", "Math Function"... tested in P11, the silver is really silver thanks to this arborescence.

Method 2, setting laid out for you to enter and tweak in between test renders. Once you get the settings to look the way you want remember to jot them down for next time:


Diffuse color 89/89/89

Strength 72%

Glossiness 31,9%

Spec 206/206/206

Strength 60%

Ambient color 24/24/39

Strength 70%

Reflection 255/255/255

Strengh 30%



Diffuse color 89/65/40

Strength 28%

Glossiness 35%

SPEC 225/220/129

Strength 100%

Ambient color 0/0/0

Strength 100%

Reflection 255/242/184

Strength 80%


From these, you can try mixes of colors for gold and silver.

These tips are brought to you by Aelin.


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How to make a .pz2 from a mat (mtlCollection) file

Assuming you have created your items already then you need to make your .pz2 (pose) file all you need to do is :

1. open your mat file

2. Find this section of code:


    number 5


3. Replace with this --- note changes in red:


    number 4.01


Save your changes => add to your runtime pose folder 

Getting Started in 3D with Daz Studio 4.7



Getting Started in 3D with Daz Studio 4.7

Reg. Price: $19.95  

Introductory Sale: $13.97
Save: 30% off

Special expires Wednesday 01 April, 2015

Step-by-Step Guide To Learning DAZ Studio 4.7 for New and Inexperienced Users

Don't be afraid to venture into the wonderful world of 3D modeling.  DAZ Studio has all the tools and controls you need to create fantastic artwork and awesome animations.  This eBook was compiled with all the information needed to teach both new and inexperienced users alike in the various tools and techniques needed to start your very own 3D projects.

This eBook consists of 450-pages provided in PDF format with step-by-step instructions that are fully illustrated.  It also includes several support files to keep your training on track without the need for additional assets.  Users who complete this eBook from start to finish will have the basic skills necessary to tackle more advanced topics in 3D.  Even if you have already developed skills in some of the topics, this eBook is a great technical reference for those times when you need to brush up on your skills.

The Table Of Contents shows all the topics and techniques that you will learn about.  Images in the accompanying promo images were taken directly from the eBook and demonstrate the level of quality that you will find in the illustrations.

    * Getting Started
          o DAZ Studio 4
          o DAZ Install Manager
          o DSON Importer
    * SETUP
          o Layout
          o Style
          o View Controls
          o Directions in 3D Space
          o Translating Objects
          o Rotating Objects
          o Scaling Objects
          o What is Starter Essentials?
          o How to Find Starter Essentials
          o Download/Install Starter Essentials
          o Opening Starter Essentials
          o Adding Objects To Scene
          o Saving Your Scene
          o Loading A Scene
          o Deleting Objects from Scene
          o Figure
          o Wardrobe
          o Pose
          o Props
          o Transforms
          o Lights
          o Settings
          o Section Summary
    * Posing Models
    * POSING
          o Pose & Animate
          o Translating Your Figure
          o Rotating Your Figure
          o Posing Body Parts
          o Free Hand Posing
          o Section Summary
    * Lighting and Renders
          o Types Of Lights
          o Distant Light
          o Spotlight
          o Point Light
          o Linear Point Light
          o Uber Light Sets
          o Transforms
          o Point At
          o Light Color & Intensity
          o Shadows
          o Display
          o Render Settings
          o Render Style
          o Dimensions
          o Render To
          o Render Engine
          o Lighting Models
          o Section Summary
    * Surfaces and Colors
          o Surface & Color Terms
          o Diffuse
          o Ambient
          o Specular
          o Glossiness
          o Reflection
          o Refraction
          o Color Dialog
          o Primitive Shapes
          o Surfaces (Color)
          o Diffuse Color
          o Specular Color
          o Glossiness
          o Ambient Color
          o Reflection Color
          o Refraction Color
          o Textures
          o Opacity Mapping
          o Bump Mapping
          o Displacement Mapping
          o Utilizing Surfaces
          o Section Summary
    * Using Environments
          o Genesis Starter Essentials
          o Adding to Your Scene
          o Skydome
          o Multiplane Cyclorama
          o Materials
          o Built-in Lighting
          o 3D Starter Pack
          o Easy Environments
          o Millennium Environment
          o Dystopia City
          o Section Summary
    * Animation and Animating Models
          o Frames
          o Range
          o Keyframes
          o Keyframe Controls
          o Playhead Controls
          o Loop
          o Fluid Animations
          o Clearing Animations
          o Scaling & Rotating
          o The Camera
          o Hard Keyframes
          o Soft Keyframes
          o Ghost Movements
          o Parameters
          o Object Collision
          o Parenting
          o Section Summary
    * Conclusion

DAZ Studio 4.6 or 4.7
along with PDF Reader

Unzip to desired location

For optimum compatability, DAZ Studio 4
should be installed with referenced settings.


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