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The Birds Nest Flighty 1 [Exclusive]

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Kathryn-DesRoches/The-Birds-Nest-Flighty-1-Exclusive

The Birds Nest -- Flighty 1

There are 9 PNG files in 300 dpi quality included in this package:

Bird1- 1082 pixels X 1125 pixels  
Bird2- 1500 pixels X 1197 pixels  
Bird3- 1597 pixels X 1058 pixels
Bird4- 1364 pixels X  818 pixels
Bird5- 1638 pixels X 1366 pixels
Bird6- 1312 pixels X  872 pixels
Bird7- 1400 pixels X  780 pixels
Bird8- 1080 pixels X 1225 pixels
Bird9- 1411 pixels X 1344 pixels

The items are 2d and can be used in any program that can read PDS files.

Usage Tips/Limitations:  If you then want to reduce the size to a specific width or height, use your Sharpen filter AFTER reducing it for best effect.  

These images reduce nicely in size but may require a bit of sharpening when reduced by 75% or more.

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