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taME: Texture-Material Extractor [Windows]

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Winterbrose/taME-Texture-Material-Extractor-Windows

TaME, The Texture and Material Extractor for Windows

Just because this application is not Genetica or Filter Forge, please don't be fooled into thinking it is a wimp. TaME was designed to be simple and speedy with onscreen controls so that you can begin using it from the moment it is installed without the need to read or watch tutorials just to get started. You will find that TaME is powerful enough to quickly create your own custom seamless textures.

You can use stock imagery available online subject to the vendors requirements, or just take a road trip and use your own digital imagery so that you own all copyrights to your creations without the need for any licensing. No matter which 3D application you use (Poser, Daz Studio, lightwave, Maya, etc), the textures that you create with TaME will make your artwork and animations unique. In many cases, your new textures can be directly applied to props like clothing and fabrics without any other conversions in your 3D app.

Or you can use your new textures with the bucket-filling functions of Photoshop and The GIMP. If you need more detailed mapping, you can process your image with ShaderMap or Bitmap2Material to create normals, bump, specular and displacement maps directly from your new texture. You can view a live overview on Youtube:

System Requirements:
* Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 with all updates
* Microsoft .NET Framework and all updates
* CPU Pentium/AMD Class or higher, 1 GHz (3+ GHz recommended)
* Video Resolution 1024x768 (higher recommended)

SEAMLESS textures, materials and patterns:
    * Create original seamless textures, materials and patterns in seconds.
    * Your choice of output sizes ranges from 8x8 to 256x256.
    * Great for designs on clothing items and accessories for your characters
    * Capture materials for vegetation and buildings or to paint vehicles.
    * You'll be amazed at what is hiding in your digital images to be seen.
        REPEATING textures, materials and patterns:
    * Looking for something that isn't seamless? Its just as easy to create
          textures and materials that are duplicated regardless of seam lines.
    * Your choice of output sizes ranges from 8x8 to 256x256.
    * 3D Artists can get new materials to use in their designs and artwork;
    * 3D Game Developers can get new textures for characters and objects;
    * Publishers and Writers can get patterns for borders, watermarks, or logos;
    * OS Designers can create new theme packs and backgrounds.

    * Parents, grandparents and families can create desktops of loved ones.
    * Scrapbookers can create new card stock and custom background pages.

SAVE both Time and Money:
    * No need to purchase high quality textures; just create them yourself.
    * It takes less time to make your own than it takes to browse/shop online.

    * Use Your Textures with paint programs like The GIMP, Photoshop & MS Paint.
    * Make texture templates to use with Poser, Daz Studio, and Carrara Objects.
    * Use your texture creations in Microsoft Office products like Word/Access.

    * How efficient is TaME in terms of productivity?
          Given 5 Original Digital Photographic Images and 5 minutes of time,
          anyone can create 25 or more Original Professional Seamless Textures!

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