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Summoner's Snake Scimitar, Vandelized Metro Station, Dolly-Cam Head Light, Crawler All Exclusives

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Summoner's Snake-Scimitar

An other detailed Sword that belongs to the Guild Weapon series, that you can add to your Collection. Actually a simple Prop model to arm your Dolls or just use for Decorations in your Artworks.

!! Poser Fan Art !!
Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 7 +++
Supported in Daz Studio

Vandalized Metro Station

Now where did V4 go ? That's what I would say after loading this environment!

It is Large, simple, Light and effective. A Conversion for Poser , I guess from a Game best would know who got Killed several times trying to pass this Level.

Fully re-textured and adapted for, well, lets say pretty good results in Poser
best is to use the Dolly Light I made with the Dolly Cam to find your way in this Labyrinth.

No Movable parts all static, I thought it would be to complicated starting to make things Mobile ( Keep it simple ) .

I hope it will be of any use for you and try not to loose your Dolls.

Poser 6+
PC/Mac Compatible
Daz 3 possibly 4


Dolly-Cam Head Light

Ever encountered the issues of Interior Scenes in your renders where you Cant find your way onto  the right Spot?
Using up Hours of your Precious time to setup your light in a room ?

Well Not anymore , you now have a headlight and a First-person on First Person View , you can interact in real time and have the Light right with you.

Actually not a biggie just a Light , so what can it do?? Well nothing more then anyone else also could accomplish , it is the Idea that counts .

You will find in your Light library a light  , Load it  , all lights will be removed and whats left is a spotlight . Now after you loaded your scene ( Preferable an Interior ) change your View to Dolly Cam. You will notice the Spot right on top or your render  Window. The moment you move the cam ( Your View ) you will notice the light follows your steps, so everywhere you go you will have light . Then you reach the right spot in your scene and you need more lights be sure NOT to click on add new light . Click the spotlight then right , then duplicate item, you now have two Spots , and both are parented to your cam.

I assume you know your self how to adjust the lights , well by moving the adjustment Dials !  

The results are stunning and it makes way more fun using your Interiors rather
then spending days placing lights on the render spot .

Now the next step ....
You might want a Doll or a figure in the room you work on !! Nothing easier then this!! After you loaded your dolly light and have , lets say Creature loaded Parent the Figure to the Dolly Cam, DO NOT ( conform ) this would mess it up.
Now your figure will follow you , it might give a strange effect when moving as
it is not the usual way to parent things in Poser , but no biggie.

These steps will ensure that you can use Interiors in a easy way and they make
more fun, Using this Method will also help you to learn in a fast way how to set your lights and scenes , the rest is up to your Imagination as it makes your work more Intuitive.

Purchased Light-sets can most of the time Not be used for interiors as they load in the center of your scene and not in your room, this one will come in handy for every place you go on your scene.

Poser 6+
PC/Mac Compatible
Daz 3 possibly 4

Summoner's Crawler

A Creature that comes out of the Shadows a Fully weight mapped standalone Figure that comes with a neat material set and the Promo Poses.

The abdomen to the Chest has a additional Easy-Pose Feature and so does the Neck. Individual Body-part Scaling and Translations to simulate morphs or
Making Pose corrections.

For sure a Creature that will be a great addition to your Collections and Artworks.

!! Poser Fan Art !!
Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 2014 +++
Not Supported in Daz Studio
PC/Mac Compatible




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