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Summoner's Cyber Room and Dragon Wings *Exclusives*

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Summoner/

Summoner's Cyber-Room

This actually was meant to be a Holo Room to put your
 Dolls into training, I guess you will have many other
 Ideas for it.
Extremely detailed Interior Figure with
 Articulated Sensors on the sides.
Holo Module can be moved to another place in The Room.
 A Basic Light setup with ball lights that you can adjust for your Needs.
Very Fast rendering times with stunning Results.
The Glass is Slightly Reflective to give just the right
!! Poser Fan Art !!
 Product Requirements and Compatibility:
 Poser 7 +++
 Supported in Daz Studio
Please Note: In the textures folder you will find the .psd files to be used if you should want to change the colors to something that is better fitting your image.

Summoner's Dragon-Wings

Here we go with some Beautiful Gothic Wings for Victoria-4
Fully Articulated WM Figure that will conform to V4
Easy-Pose Feature for Fast Posing of the Wings
Included are also 4 Material settings for the Wings
 Blue and Red Fire , and a Simple Dragon Helmet Bonus Prop
 That will smart Parent on load.
A great add-on for your Gothic Fantasy Art and Scenes
 that you sure don't want to miss out.

 !! Poser Fan Art !!
 Product Requirements and Compatibility:
 Poser 2014 +++
 Not Supported in Daz Studio

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