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Summoner Exclusives -- Root Chandelier, Dungeon Stairs, Root Table, Root mirror

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Summoner/

Root Chandelier

This is a must have for the rustic or ruined scenery. A Chandelier that is a root! There will be a couple more root items coming soon.


It's Dungeon time ! Simple Fast and sure not heavy
Environment for your Gothic Interior Scenes.

A Prop assembled with Gargoyle Statues on the Wall
I made it that way to be able to select these to
ease up your Cam movements.

This Interior not meant to be used as Exterior
Building will render in Seconds giving you Stunning

There is also a Basic Point light setting
that can be loaded for a good Start-up.

Complete the Gothic Series with this stunning Dungeon
in your Runtime...


Here is another root item in this series: the Root Table

Use it in most situations indoors, outdoors or wherever your imagination takes you.

Root Mirror

This prop is just amazingly made. It has such a wonderful reflection, the decoration at the top is detailed. This prop goes well with the Root Chandeleir and Root Table.

Ready for your gothic, woodsy or rustic images.



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