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La Femme New Poser Base Figure Free for a limited time


She is FREE for now with a minimum order of $3.00

La Femme 1 for Poser will become your go-to figure in Poser 11.

Available exclusively at Renderosity, the new figure takes advantage of the development team's collective century of design experience to make use of all the features and power found in Poser 11.

Team member Denise Tyler said she thinks the digital arts community will be pleasantly surprised with La Femme for Poser.

"I had hopes with each new figure that came out for Poser and as much as I appreciated all the work that people put into it, yet that 'it' factor was missing in them," she said, adding La Femme was designed with the "it factor" in mind from the start.

Read more here

Get her here

Check her out and there are already a bunch of items for her now that are reasonably priced


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PD Howler 10 News and Sale!


PD Howler 10 News and Sale!
Project DogWafffle


Leap Year Celebration

To celebrate this new update, we're offering a short promotional discount. If you order Howler 10 by February 29 (Monday), you'll get 29% off the current regular price.

Use this discount coupon:   2016FEB29

To order PD Howler 10, start here:

The coupon is also good for Howler 9.6 and PD Artist 9.6. When you select the desired product and land on the order page at BMTmicro, be sure to enter the above discount coupon and hit Recalculate. If you have a recent version of Howler already, such as PD 9.6 (regardless of where you bought it), contact us for even better discount coupons. Just let us know what version you have and where you got it. We'll send you a discount coupon for up to 51% discount, in some cases even better.


sample brushes

Howler 10, Update 1 - RC26


We have released an update to PD Howler 10. It is now shipping as RC26. It is a free update for users of the original first release of v10.0.

We're still calling it v10.0 (not 10.1) but specifically RC26.

If you already have v10, you will soon receive an email with notification for re-downloading the current v10 installer. You can uninstall the old one or simply installer the new v10 over the old v10.


What's New in Howler 10 RC26?

We will be adding more mages, videos and tutorials here over time:

Here's a brief summary of what's in it so far:

Automatic brush sizing while painting, based on Swap image
A new option under 'Grid setting' (where you also fine artist guides) which is called 'Z Scale Guide' allows the scale of a brush to be affected by the value seen in the Swap image underneath, while painting. This can be used in many clever ways to make the brush get smaller or larger automagically, based on where you paint. For example, a greyscale gradient that goes white to black from bottom to top will make grass brushes appear to get smaller further up, in the distance.

In the example shown here:
  1. Left side: no change in the Swap image, so the brush sows at whatever size it currently has. (which of course can also be subject to tablet pressure and/or random size and speed-controlled size changes).
  2. Middle segment: The gradient in the Swap image goes from white at bottom to black at top. The scaling by Swap (aka Z-scale) is making the brush image change size automagically. The darker the pixels in the Swap image, the smaller the brush size. This can be an efficient way to convey perspective size based on 'distance' for example for painting over a landscape photo or a 3D rendering.
  3. Right segment: Here we have hidden the swap image from view. The net result is that you only see the brush strokes you made, and the size was automagically adjusted based on the hidden Swap image.



The Brush size can be enveloped.
There's a post effect for the brush stroke that resizes the brush along the path, with a graph editor to set the progression. Look for it in the View menu. More on this to come soon.


The symmetry tool now has a interactive center handle.
This allows you to see where the symmetry line is, and to grab and move it. Very intuitive.

The palette mixer now uses bristle brushes instead of the former mixing brush.

Fixed a bug where colors weren't picked on mouse down: The mouse had to move to pick a color.

Editing pigment based themes on the color picker now has the option to pick an RGB color in addition to preset pigments.

A much requested feature: Optipustic particles can now be scaled.
This makes it very easy to change their size so you can quickly change from drawing, for example, tufts of grass appearing small in a distance, and big nearby. Furthermore, that also allows it to scale like other brushes based on the brightness of the pixels in the Swap image, mentioned earlier.

Fixed a bug on the “Open a new palette mixer” feature where the Use Brush/Open/Save buttons were hidden.

New feature in Bristle brushes: Salt and Pepper
With this extra control, you can adjust the level of embossing to give the bristles a deeper cut into the paint.



New Tutorials / Videos


This time it's not a tutorial, just one video to show some rendereings with Puppy Ray and 3D Designer, along with new musc by Jose Luis Suazo.



Share some of our tutorials, such as this one on painting scenery.

VFX features

Block interpolation

Particle 9


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ClamXav for Macs




Powerful. Easy to Use. Lightweight.

ClamXav is a trusted and highly recommended anti-virus and malware scanner for Mac OS X with the ability to detect both Mac and Windows threats.

ClamXav puts you in control - it can be set up up to scan either the specific files you tell it to, or your entire hard drive, whichever you prefer. If you like, you can also choose to activate Sentry to monitor your computer and scan any new files as they arrive. Automate scans and database updates to match your schedule.

Running silently in the background, ClamXav Sentry is so lightweight that you'll barely even notice it's running.

Let ClamXav work for you, and with you. It will give you peace of mind, and it won't get in your way.

Other benefits to ClamXav:

  • no yearly subscription fees
  • free malware database updates
  • free customer support
  • move dangerous files to a safe quarantine folder

Easy to use

Clearly lists infected files.
Save your favourite scan locations.
Free virus definition updates.





Exclude files or whole disks/folders.
Quarantine or Trash files with one click.









Schedule scans and updates.
Monitor your Mac with ClamXav Sentry.




System Requirements: Requires OS X 10.6 or newer

Older versions are still available for For Mac OS X 10.5 and Mac OS X 10.4


Visit their website for more information and tips.



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Nik Software Sharpener Pro 3.010 Rev 20903



Nik Product Line


Nik Software Sharpener Pro 3.010 Rev 20903

Nik Software Sharpener Pro its popular photographic plug-in for use with Adobe® Photoshop®. Designed for professionals and photo enthusiasts, Sharpener Pro 3 is the most advanced and powerful sharpening solution for photographers, eliminating the guesswork typically required for achieving superior and consistent results.

Now featuring Nik Software's patented U Point technology, Sharpener Pro enables photographers to selectively sharpen objects within their images. U Point powered Control Points are easy to use and offer precise control over sharpening intensity without the need to create complicated selections and layer masks.

Key Features
• New U Point Powered Control Points - Enables precise, selective sharpening control
• Updated Output Sharpening - Provides the ultimate control to create perfectly sharpened images on all devices and media types such as display, inkjet, continuous tone, half tone, and hybrid tone
• New Creative Sharpening - Enhances fine details and textures with new structure, focus, and local contrast tools for drawing attention to desired areas within the image
• New Industry-First Sharpening Soft Proof - Allows detailed inspection of sharpening results on screen before printing, eliminating costly test prints
• New Output Presets - Enables custom settings to be saved for consistent, professional results
• Updated RAW Presharpener - Retains and enhances sharp details within images without amplifying noise and other artifacts
• Updated Powerful Selective Tool (Photoshop only) - Enables the use of Photoshop's brush tools to paint in sharpening selectively
• New Smart Filter Support (Photoshop only) - Provides compatibility with Adobe Photoshop's Smart Objects enabling adjustments to sharpening after Sharpener Pro has been applied

DefineNik Software Dfine 2.112 Rev 20903

Dfine 2 gives you unprecedented control over exactly how much and where to apply noise reduction. This makes it ultra-easy to eliminate noise in your images while maintaining detail and sharpness, thus improving the quality of every digital photo you take. Dfine 2 is designed to prevent the loss of detail other noise reduction tools often introduce.

What is Noise?
Virtually, all digital cameras inherently create unwanted imperfections known as noise. The amount or type of noise in an image typically depends on the quality and type of imaging sensor with which it was created.

Contrast (Luminance) Noise and Color (Chrominance) Noise can be individually present in an image or might be seen in the same image. Fast or high ISO speeds and low light levels can add noise to images, while some images might exhibit high levels of JPEG artifacts.

U Point® Technology
One of the hottest technologies in digital photography today, U Point technology powered Control Points have been added to Dfine 2 making it easy to reduce noise only where it is needed, maintaining details everywhere else.

Selectively Apply Noise Reduction
The Control Point and Color Range methods, along with the Selective Tool offer you the most advanced ways for selectively applying noise reduction to your images.

New and Improved Noise Reduction Engine with Automatic Profiling
Dfine 2 contains a brand new reduction engine that provides best-in-class noise reduction while retaining an incredible amount of detail.

Automatic camera profiling replaces the need to purchase camera profiles and fine-tunes Dfine’s revamped noise reduction engine to produce the best results for your camera. You can also create and save your own profiles for batch processing images.

Improved User Interface
The new resizable interface lets you easily incorporate noise reduction into your workflow and quickly preview the results from the noise reduction applied.

Powerful Selective Tool (Adobe® Photoshop® only)
The Selective Tool gives you instant access to Dfine 2 and allows you to brush filter effects into your image using any brush tool available in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Layers and layer masks are created automatically, enabling you to quickly and easily apply enhancements to precise areas in your image.

Smart Filter Compatibility (Adobe® Photoshop® only)
Dfine 2 is Smart Filter compatible which allows you to go back and fine tune your images even after effects have been applied.

Multi-image Support (Lightroom® & Aperture® only)
Dfine 2 is compatible with Lightroom & Aperture’s ability to work on multiple images at once. When more than one image is opened, "Previous" and "Next" buttons appear that allow photographers to easily reduce noise in several image quickly and easily.


Nik Software Viveza 2.009 Rev 20903

Nik Software Viveza 2 - the most powerful tool to selectively control light and color in your photos. Creating a great photo involves the development of color and light. Powered by a patented U Nik Software's Point ®, a new Viveza 2 allows photographers of all skill levels to quickly improve their image by using innovative tools, designed for speed and efficiency. The exact selective improvement of U Point Powered Control Points, with changes that improve the entire image, Viveza 2 allowing you to spend more time taking pictures and shooting forever change the way you edit your photos.

Master Color and Light, Effortlessly
Two of the most important factors in creating great photography are color and light. Mastering the art of selectively correcting or enhancing each of these is now possible for every photographer without the need for complicated masks or selections, or expert-level knowledge of Photoshop. Integrating award-winning U Point technology, Viveza is the most powerful and precise tool available to control light and color in photographic images.

U Point powered Color Control Points, placed directly on colors or objects in an image (such as sky, skin, grass, etc.), reveal easy-to-use controls that photographers can use to quickly adjust brightness, contrast or color in a fraction of the time needed by other tools. With Viveza you’ll spend more time shooting photographs and save hours of image editing.

Viveza provides photo enthusiasts and professional photographers alike with the most powerful yet easy to use tool ever created for selectively modifying color, light and tonality in photographs.

U Point® Technology — U Point powered Control Points enable you to selectively control the light and color of every photograph without the need for any complicated selections or layer masks. Use one Control Point or as many as you need to dial in exactly the effect you want. Enhancements are automatically and naturally blended throughout your image for spectacular results.

Smart Filter Enabled (Adobe® Photoshop® only) — Viveza is compatible with “Smart Objects” in Adobe Photoshop which permits you to fine-tune enhancements after they’ve been applied, without adding additional layers. When Viveza is used as a Smart Filter, you can create and later edit Color Control Points with no loss of quality of image details.

Incredible Speed — U Point technology brings a new level of precision and efficiency to photographic image editing. By placing a Color Control Point on any part of the image you wish to alter, and moving a few simple sliders, you can achieve incredible results in a fraction of the time required by other tools.
Powerful Selective Tool (Adobe® Photoshop® only) — allows you to brush any light and color changes into your image using Photoshop’s brush tools. Layers and masks are created automatically, enabling you to quickly and easily apply any filter selectively.

• NEW: Global Image Adjustments – With global adjustments in Photoshop or Lightroom before using Viveza for selective control? Now go straight to Viveza and apply any color, light or structure enhancement image-wide. Even adjust levels & curves.
• NEW: Fine Detail Structure Adjustments – Enhance or reduce fine details in your images for the ultimate look.
• NEW: Shadow Recovery – Never lose shadow detail again. Easily recover details hidden in shadows selectively with a Control Point or apply image-wide.
• Timesaving Interface, Optimized for Speed – U Point technology, coupled with an efficient interface and dozens of shortcuts for zooming, nudging and undoing, saves time in your workflow and quickly gets you back to shooting.
• NEW: Interactive Help System – Informative, lesson-based Help system will get you up and running with Viveza 2 in no time.
• Smart Filter Support – Viveza 2 is compatible with Adobe Photoshop's Smart Filter feature which permits you to fine-tune enhancements after they’ve been applied, without adding additional layers.
• Selective Brush Tool – The Selective Brush Tool allows you to brush any light and color changes into your image using Photoshop’s brush tools. Layers and masks are created automatically, enabling you to quickly and easily apply any filter selectively.
• Multi-Image Support – Photographers can maintain consistency and speed workflow when working with Viveza 2 in Adobe Photoshop • • Lightroom and Apple Aperture. When more than one image is opened, Viveza 2 will reveal “Previous” and “Next buttons for easy copy and paste between images.

Silver Efex

Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2.006 Rev 20894

Discover the beauty of black and white photography with Silver Efex Pro 2, the world's leading solution for creating stunning images. Silver Efex Pro 2 offers a powerful set of darkroom-inspired features, including the revolutionary U Point technology that enables you to fine-tune your images with precise selective enhancements.

Powerful All-in-One

Black and White Workflow
Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist yearning for those days in the darkroom, Silver Efex Pro 2 gives you all the power and control you need to create high quality black and white images.

In the past, black and white tools often meant compromising on the quality of the conversion or required a complex and lengthy multi-step process that didn't assure predictable results. We set out to create a single workflow solution that provides everything you need for the highest quality results.

Great beginnings
Start with dozens of visual presets as starting points. If you like what you see, you're done. If you want to go further, use an extensive set of global controls such as brightness, contrast, saturation, structure, film types, toning, and much more to craft your image.

Selective editing and finishing touches
For the ultimate in selective enhancements, look no further than the revolutionary U Point technology for incredibly precise selections and adjustments. You can even use the Zone Map built into the software to help guide your edits. Finally, add a vignette, burn in the edges, or add a natural image border to finish your black and white masterpiece. Experimenting is fast and fun, with the ability to compare different editing states with the brand new History Browser.

Looking to the future
You'll discover that although black and white photography is nearly 200 years old, Silver Efex Pro 2 gives you the very best of that legacy in one easy-to-use tool plus new capabilities that make it possible to do more than ever before.

Color Efex Pro

Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4.005 Rev 20894

Color Efex Pro 4 provides the most comprehensive set of enhancements for color correction, retouching, and creative effects. Quickly stylize your photographs, retouch portraits with ease, and extend your creativity with unmatched control and versatility.

Access up to 55 high quality photographic filters to achieve incredible photographic results.

Selectively apply or remove filter effects with the utmost precision.

8 brand new filters and 10 improved filters, a history browser, visual presets and more.

Easily mix and combine enhancements to create stunning new styles.

Nik Software HDR Efex Pro 2.003 Rev 20894

Experience all the power, control, and creative expression your camera has to offer with HDR Efex Pro 2. This powerful tool enables professional and amateur photographers to create exceptional natural and artistic images. Its unique combination of one-click presets, a complete range of controls, and precise selective fine-tuning using patented U Point® technology simplifies and speeds up the process of creating truly memorable high dynamic range images for discerning audiences.

Creative Freedom
Discover the wide range of possibilities with your HDR images. Get the best HDR looks from naturalistic to artistic and everything in between with easy to use and powerful tools in HDR Efex Pro 2.

U Point® Technology
Selectively apply or remove filter effects with the utmost precision only found in Nik Software products.

Intuitive Interface
Experience the ease and natural workflow of HDR Efex Pro 2. Enjoy enhancing or editing your images with a variety of controls at your fingertips quickly and efficiently.

High Performance
HDR Efex Pro 2 is equipped with faster GPU and CPU processors that allow you to quickly achieve high quality results.

Languages : English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)


Analog Efex Pro

Analog Efex Pro

Explore the look and feel of classic cameras, films, and lenses.
More classic cameras at your fingertips

Get the photo you’re looking for, even if you don’t own the equipment. Let effects inspired by traditional cameras bring you back to the vintage age of photo development. Choose from 10 different Tool Combinations to easily apply their effects, or use the Camera Kit to mix and match your favorite analog features.
Develop the perfect image

Apply the same legendary processing techniques used in the darkroom. Create professionally stylized images by selecting a preset, then dive in to fine-tune and personalize the effect. Choose one, two, or even all 14 available Tools to develop your images just the way you like it.
Even more control

Now with control points, you can have precise control of your images by selectively adding or removing an effect without the need for complicated layers or masks. Control Points are now available in the Basic Adjustments, Dirt & Scratches, Light Leaks, and Photo Plate Tools.

HDR Efex Pro

HDR Efex Pro

From natural to artistic, explore the full potential of HDR photography.
More creative possibilities

Powerful controls help you create exceptional natural and artistic HDR photos as HDR Efex Pro gives you a wide range of options for any image.
Finely tuned images

Bring back lost highlights, open up shadows, and adjust tonality to achieve the perfectly natural and balanced image you’ve envisioned.
A better starting point

A unique combination of one-click presets helps you start off on the right foot. Pick a style that excites you, then adjust the details to make the look your own.

Sharpener Pro

 Sharpener Pro

Bring out hidden details consistently with the professional's choice for image sharpening.

Attention to detail

Enhance subtle details and textures to create images in a distinctive style. The Structure, Local Contrast, and Focus tools give you a variety of creative sharpening options.
Selective sharpening

Selectively apply improvements using control points to help your viewers focus on the right areas. Enhancements blend into your image for a natural final result.
Customized to your printer

Create perfectly sharpened images for display, inkjet, continuous tone, half tone, hybrid print devices, and more. The Output Sharpener helps you mitigate loss of detail caused by different output methods.

System Requirements


    Mac® OS X 10.7.5 through 10.10
    Adobe Photoshop CS4 (CS5 for HDR Efex Pro 2) through CC 2014
    Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 through 13 (apart from HDR Efex Pro 2, which is not compatible with Photoshop Elements)
    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 through 5
    Apple® Aperture® 3.1 or later


    Windows Vista®, Windows 7, Windows 8
    Adobe Photoshop CS4 through CC 2014
    Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 through 13 (apart from HDR Efex Pro 2, which is not compatible with Photoshop Elements)
    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 through 5

GPU Compatibility:

NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series, GeForce 9 Series, GeForce 100 Series, GeForce 200 Series, GeForce 300 Series, GeForce 400 Series, GeForce 500 Series, ATI Radeon HD2000 Series, Radeon HD3000 Series, Radeon HD4000 Series, Radeon HD5000 Series, Radeon HD6000 Series.

If no compatible card is available, GPU acceleration will be disabled and the CPU will be used.


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4 new fonts you can download for free:

Each font includes an extended font family (47 total fonts in all!), 10 computer commercial use license, and you can use them in any project.

The fonts at this site are able to be used in PC/Mac. Register for their newsletter for notifications of new additions or new freebies.

These are the four fonts you will get in the zip:

FRM Designers

Fantasy Attic Sponsors