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Free Webinar for Poser: How to Build Basic Material Shaders in Poser 3D

How to Build Basic Material Shaders in Poser 3D Join Steve Cooper and Stefan Werner in this 1-hour webinar as they show you how to build basic material shaders like metal, glass, plastic, wax, skin and hair for use on your Poser characters and props. D… more »
This is a tutorial that CoolTuna has on their site. It is in PDF format for you to read and follow along. Very interesting and looks very easy to reproduce for making your elves, sorcerer's, witches or whom so ever you want eyes glowing...LOL   Glowing… more »
Creating Character Skin for Beginners Author: Rebelmommy Tools Needed * Poser 5 or above * Paint Shop Pro (or paint program of choice) Step 1 - Getting started Open up your paint program (this Tutorial is done in Paint Shop Pro but you could easi… more »
Assuming you have creaed your items already then you need to make your .pz2 (pose) fileall you need to do is : 1. open your mat file 2. Find this section of code: { version     {     number 5     } mtlCollection     {   3. Replace with this --- note ch… more »
How to Make Your Own Thumbnail (rsr/ png) Files: by JCH Digital Designs There are actually two types of thumbnail (rsr/ png) files: one corresponds to a geometry (obj) file and the other corresponds to a figure, pose, or prop file. For 'geometry' files… more »

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