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Persefoni for V4, Funky Shorty Hair, Maxx V4 & Arryn Zylna: V4

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Katt/

Persefoni for V4

This beautiful V4 character was created with high quality resources to give you a wide range of options for use in Poser. Persefoni comes with a full INJ/REM as well as the option to REM her cute fae ears for those non-magic based renders. There are 2 full sets of cracked skins for both SSS and basic skins, as well as 9 lip color choices that have 9 fancy make-ups to match with. She has 8 soft eye colors to use, and 7 choices of lashes. There are 6 nail colors to top of her look.

Included Options:

Fae Ears INJ & REM
Full Body Morph INJ & Rem

2 Skin Textures (SSS and Normal)

2 Full Cracked Skin Options (SSS and Normal)

9 Make-Up Options
9 Lip Color Options
8 Eye Color Options
7 Eyelash Options
6 Nail colors that apply to both fingers and toes

Needed Files:

Victoria 4.2 Base:
Victoria 4.2 Morphs ++
Victoria 4 Elite Body Shapes
 Poser 6+
 Poser Pro 2010+
Poser 9+
Poser Pro 2014 +
Poser Pro 2012 +
 Poser 11
PC/Mac compatible
*not fully supported in DAZ but the default CAN be used in DAZ with minimal editing...


FUNKY for Shorty Hair

Add some FUNKY to 3Dream's Shorty Hair today!

There are 68 colors to apply to this awesome short hair! You can even grow the neck of this hair and make your entire hair  fuller too.

Be creative .... have fun ... and get FUNKY!


Needed Files List:

Shorty Hair by 3Dream

*this texture add-on makes use of the base file bump, spec and trans maps

Poser 6+
PC/Mac Compatible

Usage Tips/Limitations

1) Load Shorty Hair
2) Select the hair
3) Apply the MAT pose material for the base texture

Maxx for V4


In a world where there are secrets just below the surface .... there are the winners, the losers, and the survivors. The winners have taken control of the planet, the losers are the ones who fought and lost, but the survivors are the ones who did what they had to to see the battle to restore things through.

Whether it was to comply and still rebel, to wear a fake smile or to become like the invaders in part, sacrifices were made in order to survive.

For some, the cost was great ... the cost of their humanity. Such was the choice laid before Maxx - her family was gone, her life was in peril. She made the choice to become partly like them in order to live, so she could fight another day.

But at what a price .... she hears the voices telling her to do things, inhuman things ... the nightmares that accompany the voices. She knows these are the true inner demons she has within her... that enable to her to live, a life such as it is....

This package includes:
1 base skin (both default & SSS)
1cyborg skin (with 3 color options)
10 eye color options
10 nail color options
6 different eye lash choices
10 lip color options
4 pubic hair options
10 make-up options.

Needed Files:

Poser 6+
PoserPro 2010+
Victoria 4.2 Base
Victoria 4.2 Morphs ++
PC/Mac Compatible
DS 3+


Usage Tips/Limitations

1) Load V4
2) Inject Morphs++ into V4
3) Inject my character morphs
4) Apply the MAT pose material for the base texture
5) Change Eyes and Face etc as desired
6) Please use the REM file on her beautiful morphs before applying a different creation to your V4 base file.

Arryn Zylna: V4

She walks in both the world of the light ... and the world of shadows... keeping the balance in both.  Only the fae can make this transition without causing harm to either world, knowing the one is dependent on the other. The light only shows in the darkness, and shadows can only be seen with the light.

This set for V4 includes a full body & head morph, and two sets of skins - one light skin and one dark skin, both default and SSS versions.

There are 6 sets of glowing swirl tattoos (for each skin option) that have been created by placing each swirl pattern separately, as if assembling an intricate puzzle, with many little added parts within the swirl patterns.

There are 6 nail polish colors to correspond with the swirl colors --
There are 10 make-up options, and 10 lip colors to correspond with the make-ups, also available for both light and dark skins, default and SSS.

You will also find 8 traditional eye color options, as well as 8 solid color options that will work for all skins. There are 2 different eyelash styles available, with 8 color choices there to use.

Needed Files:
Poser 6+ for default surfaces
Poser 9+ for SSS
Daz 3+ (with surface setting adjustments for skins - some skin effect may not work)
PoserPro 2010+
Victoria 4.2 Base:
Victoria 4.2 Morphs ++
Victoria Elite Body Shapes






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