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PE's Fashion Tendance - Exclusive

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/AnimaGemini/PEs-Fashion-Tendance-Exclusive

Hybrid outfit for PE from Erogenesis

This is outfit is hybrid.

Which means a part is full rigged .Other parts are Dynamic.

The top is full rigged and conforming.

The pants are hybrid. You have to conform them at first before you go in the
Cloth simulation room.

The Shoes are conforming and full rigged also.

The outfit pieces are all located in the figure folder of your runtime.

In the material room you find extra materials to change the style of the outfit.

This outfit optimized for:
Poser 11 Superfly and Firefly.

Tested in Poser 11 Superfly and Poser 2014 Firefly.

Hints and usage information is in the .pdf, please read it to use properly. Also you get 3 downloads to choose from you will get a full size zip 239mb [has everything], a Poser 11 zip and a Poser 2014 zip. Choose the one that is best for your internet speed, both are 187mb.

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