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PD Artist and PD Howler Version 11 Now

Link: http://www.thebest3d.com/

PD Artist is a digital painting program with many features. Unlike Howler, Artist does not do animation so you animators need to look into PD Howler.

Puppy Ray was added in Version 9 but in version 11 has added great new features to Puppy Ray, such as the water plane with waves, reflection and refraction.

PD Artist is made for painting. There are a lot of brushes. And a lot of types of brushes. This program is brush-centric, brush-focused. Brushilicious.

New with version 11: Your GPU (if you want to use it in Puppy Ray, and who doesn't?) needs to support Shader level 6.

 If you run Direct X 11 you're probably fine, but it is best to check it. If you have doubts or run on an old PC, with old graphics card, try the demo version first.
 Recommended running on 64-bit versions of Windows --  Windows 10 Or Windows 7, or 8.
 Project Dogwaffle is essentially a Windows app. It is a 32-bit application, but runs well on 64-bit systems because there's more memory, and better graphics drivers. The new versions of Dogwaffle use the GPU too. For proper support of the GPU, you'll need DIrectX 11.
 It may still run on Windows XP and Vista but the latest versions of Dogwaffle are not tested on those old Windows platforms. Also, some tools such as Puppy Ray needs the raytracing library, dr_raytrace or similar made for XP. If you are on Windows XP or Vista, and want to run PuppyRay (CPU version - the GPU version won't run on XP anyway and very doubtful it will run well on Vista) -  see the Download section for details.
 A CPU with many cores is better than with just one core or a few. Core 2 or Duo is just so pre-Y2K... Your computer's CPU chip should have 4 or more cores if you want to have a really pleasant experience with anything, including Dogwaffle. Some modules are multi-threaded. So it runs faster.
 If you're a professional, you'll want a Xeon with 12 cores, even 16. Or two Xeons, or AMD Opterons. Even the latest (June 2016) generation of Intel i7 can go as high as 10 cores, and with HT (Hyperthreading), that's 20 very hungry logical cores. Dogwaffle can feed that hunger. We can currently multithread up to 64 cores!
 But it's also possible to run it on a Mac within the right VM or Bootcamp, or perhaps some day in a Linux box with emulation, and some other Virtual Machines. It's not all smooth sailing yet for those other operating systems though, so stick with the Windows platform for now if you can. 
 We have in fact seen some users on Linux lately, with PlayOnLinux/WineHQ. It may well be possible that it also has the ability to run on a Mac under MacOS. We just don't know.

Look in the list of new features from PD Howler 11, and ignore anything related to animation or tools for working on video clips.

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