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New updates to Filter Forge Filters

More customer stories  

Check out how Raphael Tobar uses Filter Forge for image post-processing:

New deal for Filter Forge 8 customers  

At the moment you can upgrade to Filter Forge 9 at a special price and get a copy of Filter Library Backup (usually offered for $29 extra) free of charge. It is an offline archive of all the 12,800+ filters from our filter library. You just need to unpack the archive to your computer to load all the filters into Filter Forge instantly.

The most prominent feature of the ninth version is PBR support that makes Filter Forge textures compatible with Unity3D, Unreal and other 3D engines. It also adds an easier way to apply several effects to a single source image one-by-one, new features for filter authors, support for the latest host versions including Photoshop 2020, and lots of new filters.

Upgrade to Filter Forge 9.0 Professional  

$59 $129

+ free Filter Library Backup

Order here:

Windows   macOS

New filters in the Filter Library  

Random picks from the recently submitted filters:

Broken window
by Raquel

Nicky Quattro
by Ramlyn

Waves and Whorls
by Boogie Jack

by Ramlyn

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