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Mirror Room

Mirror Room

Room Description:

There are four walls a ceiling and a floor.
Both the Floor and the back wall are mirrors

Front wall and the side walls are black but can be set to any color or shader you like to use as a background or they can also be mirrored.

The closeness of the back mirror can be set by sliding the floor or the back wall along the Z axis to where you want it.

There are two spotlights in the ceiling and one in the floor where they meet with the front wall. these can be aimed by moving the spotlight target around to where you want the lights to converge.

There are three spotlights parented to the back wall pointing toware the front wall to illuminate it. They can also be repositioned to provide some backlighting on your subject if desired.

There are two cameras in the room.

In the props folder is a cluster of 4 votive candles which are also a light source.

Mirror Room is set up as a scene under Environments/FuzzyLogic/Mirror Room.

Under the render environment settings be sure to set it to scene only.


Needed Files List and System Required:
DAZ Studio 4.12
IRay Capable NVidia Graphics Card

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