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4 new fonts you can download for free:

Each font includes an extended font family (47 total fonts in all!), 10 computer commercial use license, and you can use them in any project.

The fonts at this site are able to be used in PC/Mac. Register for their newsletter for notifications of new additions or new freebies.

These are the four fonts you will get in the zip:

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And now a word about FONTS



Everyone knows that  for our creations we need great programs, not to mention patience to use said programs. But there is also  the creation for the vendor end....fonts. We are offered many a font to purchase but here is a lin where you can subscribe to get 56 FREE  fonts for commercial or personal use.

This way when we create our promotional images, websites, store logos to promote our sales itmes we are not met with the question "Is it safe to use for this"

MacAppware is such a site. Yes they have purchasable fonts but when you subscribe at the link provided you will get notified when they have new ones to offer their suscribers for FREE for a limited time.

So go to MacAppware   and get your set of fonts by subscribing for their newsletter and don't let the name fool you. Each set they have offered now and in the past will also work on your Windows running computers. I use them on both my Mac and Vista laptop.

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