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Lil Alien Guy (Exclusive)

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/The-Darker-Side-Of-Arts/Lil-Alien-Guy-Exclusive

Alien Guy

LiL Alien Guy

Here is another visitor from space or dimension. Many ideas will form in your mind for the images you will create with him.

Poser 9+
Daz 4+
PC/Mac Compatible

Contents include:
Belly Rub
Default Pose
Hand out
Pissed Off

SSS Materials:
 Blue Grey Skin
 Bonus Skin 1
 Bonus Skin 2
 Brown Skin
 Dark Green Skin
 Flesh Skin
 Green Skin
 Grey Skin
 Light Green Skin
 Light Grey Skin
 Olive Red Skin
 Olive Skin

NS Materials:
Black Alien eyes
Dilated Blue Eyes
Dilated Blue Green Eyes
Dilated Blue Green Eyes
Dilated Brown Eyes
Dilated Green Eyes
Dilated Mixed Eyes
Dilated Yellow Eyes
Fully Dilated Eyes
Normal Blue eyes
Normal Blue green Eyes
Normal Brown Eyes
Normal Green Eyes
Normal Mixed Eyes
Normal Yellow Eyes

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