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G8M-M8: Brix

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Farconville/G8M-M8-Brix

Brix for Genesis 8 Male and Michael 8

Brix is made for Genesis 8 Male and Michael 8 with three materials DARK. LITE and MID with corresponding genital materials.

Along with Brix, this set contains 7 eye colors for diversity.

Brix's hair, beard, and eyebrows are fiber mesh with nine materials and 9 shapes for each.

Click Actors first (example DarkG8M), then add hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, and beard.


System Requirements:

PC/Mac compatible
DazStudio 4.12+
Michael 8
Genesis 8 Genitals

Usage Tips or Limitations:

For DAZ Studio 4.12: Load Actors. Apply hair, beard, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

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