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Red Neomi Hair V4 [Exclusive]


Red Neomi Hair V4


We all love the red hair, don't we? But, are you tired of funky, and blah red colors for hair? Here's some to knock those all in the corner! Five flame-kissed textures for Neomi Hair. These are blends of two different richly colored textures for darker roots and lighter ends . There are nine (9) separate textures in this set.


Neomi Hair is composed of four parts, the Cap, Hair, Hair 2 and Hair 3. The Cap textures and all the .bmps and Trans-maps are from SWAM's original hair set textures. You can not use this product **unless you already own Neomi Hair by SWAM**.

NOTE 01:
It is a BOTH a Character Hair set, and a Hair Prop.
The textures for the Character Hair are to be found in the Pose folder
of the Libraries for the Hair Character.

The textures for the Hair Prop are to be found in the materials folder
of the Libraries for the Hair Prop.
NOTE 02:

For best results install this texture in the same runtime in which you have "Neomi Hair" installed.



If you feel adventurous and bold, you can go into the Material room and switch to another texture for a different effect or even make all the 'Hair' parts all one single color-blend. Simply go to the Diffuse Textures in there, and open the node (if it's closed) and search in your texture directory for this product for the blend you want. Load the one you want and say 'Okay' to accept it.

:::::Replace ONLY the Diffuse textures.:::::

"The Cap" is of course the base Cap upon which the hair sits on the scalp.

"Hair" is the lower, longer hair.

"Hair 2" is the middle hair and some part of the top hair.

"Hair 3" is the front and bangs and the front part of the top hair.



System requirements:

Poser 5+
Generation 4 Characters
PC and Mac Compatible
Tested on PC in Poser Pro 2014
Swam's Neomi Hair

Will likely work in most versions of DAZ Studio with some Diffuse and Specular Color adjustments.

No DAZ support for this product.

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PE's Fashion Tendance - Exclusive


Hybrid outfit for PE from Erogenesis

This is outfit is hybrid.

Which means a part is full rigged .Other parts are Dynamic.

The top is full rigged and conforming.

The pants are hybrid. You have to conform them at first before you go in the
Cloth simulation room.

The Shoes are conforming and full rigged also.

The outfit pieces are all located in the figure folder of your runtime.

In the material room you find extra materials to change the style of the outfit.

This outfit optimized for:
Poser 11 Superfly and Firefly.

Tested in Poser 11 Superfly and Poser 2014 Firefly.

Hints and usage information is in the .pdf, please read it to use properly. Also you get 3 downloads to choose from you will get a full size zip 239mb [has everything], a Poser 11 zip and a Poser 2014 zip. Choose the one that is best for your internet speed, both are 187mb.

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Steam BathTub Exclusive


Summoner's Steam Bathtub

Whether it is just a rustic image or a steampunk one, this bath tub will fit right in.

!! Poser Fan Art !!
Poser 7+
Daz 3+
PC/Mac Compatible

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Le Petit Clown Triste [Exclusive]



 System Required:

LeMistral Ballet Style for V4  by RPublishing
Victoria 4 and/or Aiko 4 and/or The Girl 4
Poser 5 and up.
D|S 2.3 and up


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Wild Wall Textures/Backgrounds [Exclusive] -- Yule Flames [Exclusive]


Wild Walls Textures/Backgrounds

Unique and versatile seamless texture tiles that may also be used as backgrounds!


About the Textures/Backgrounds:

These are seamless textures that may also be used as backgrounds. They were made for Fantasy Attic's Christmas Freebies, 2017 by Sidhe Rose Graphics.


8 FREE textures/backgrounds at (1200 x 1200). All are 72 ppi resolution and SEAMLESS.



Requires any program that can open .jpg files.


Use all or any portion of the backgrounds for your renders. All images can be resized and rescaled.

You can also crop sections out or put them behind a saved .png image of your render, then move with the Move tool to get the part you want to use.

Crop or simply merge the layers together once you have
positioned the background.

It is suggested that you render your subject(s) over the background or the part of it you want to use
in Poser, then save your render as a .png file and apply your finished render over the background
in your art program as a separate layer.

These texture tiles are seamless and so may be tiled for textures and other imaginings!

Yule Flames

Pack includes 24 (two dozen) Aphophysis Flame Fractals
Most of all,! and have fun with these.
You can even layer them over other pre-made backgrounds!

Stretch 'em, warp 'em, shrink them down or blow them up; mirror them backwards, forwards, sideways and around; change
your layer blending settings, invert colors, filter them...

The possibilities are endless. What will you create?


Have fun with them and enjoy creating some wild backgrounds!

FRM Designers

Fantasy Attic Sponsors