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FREE: Semicharm's Fifi Makeup: RobZhena's Base Makeup and Dressy Purple: LittleOne

Fifi Makeup: RobZhena's Base Makeup

Give Fifi more makeup options with RobZhena's Base Makeup set. Mix and match with Fifi's makeup mats for an even greater variety of styles.  

 Fifi for La Femme by Semicharm
 La Femme Base Makeup by RobZhena (Renderosity freebie)


Package Details:
 + 3 Complete makeup mats
 + 7 Eye shadow mats
 + 11 Lipstick mats


 Note: Lipstick styles are in separate mats for more flexibility.

 1. Load La Femme -or- La Femme PRO
 2. Apply "Fifi Mat" pose
 3. Apply makeup mat preset

 Three makeup textures don't have a separate eye shadow option because the lipstick bled over on the face material. I opted to include them with lipstick as a "complete" set.

Dressy Purple

An embroidered texture and pose for Poser and DAZ Studio

Little One by 3Dream
Dressy by Karth



 1. Load and setup Little One figure
 2. Load and conform LODressy
 3. Select LODressy and apply Dressy Purple Pose
 + Pose will automatically set the "Longer" morph to the approprate length.
 + Desplacement map is included for closeup renders. To enable it in Poser:
   - Go to the "Render" menu, select "Render Settings"
   - Under "Options", check "Use Displacement Maps"

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