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Halloween Sale!


OH SNAP!! It is almost Halloween and you don't want to miss this sale on all the great things for your Haunting runtimes. We have so many dark and gothic items plus some not scarey for those lighter haunted images. 25% off entire store until Nov.1

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Fantasy Attic's 2016 Crypt of Treasures


Our annual Halloween Community gift page has begun and there will be a gift a day until Halloween.

The items will remain posted through out the entire month since we recognize that many have a limited online time, we don't want them to miss out.

Thanks to all that have participated so far: 

Agent0013, Amaranth, Prae, NitaB, parkdalegardener, Howy2012, Dollmommy , Aelin, , MtnMist, Sidhe Rose Graphics, M-Callahan, NapalmArsenal, Sanbie, BronzeDragon, Faeryl.Womyn, SpookieLilOne

So tell one and all about the gifties and may we see you there.

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2014 Time to Howl Halloween Gift Page



It's time for all to HOOOWLLLLLL!
  Try to ignore the dark, dank corners. The only light is from the big, full moon just coming over the horizon. Don't pay attention to the creaks, the moaning, the guttural groans or other things moving about the bushes and trees. You may hear many things and possibly see many things, don't be afraid they will not harm you, they are just as curious about you as you are about them.....maybe.
Soon the residents will come out to play and make merry during our month long party. They will be feasting on treats and they have promised to not trick you out of yours, or take nibbles.

It's true they promised but you never know so enter at your own risk. Everyday another treat is going to be added for you to grab so tell your friends to come into our domain, we'd love to have them too. A side note is --- the items will not be removed after the day of getting posted so you can visit at your convenience.

If you haven't been here before then please also visit our "ZONE" where we have previous gifts plus a wide array of other freebies for your runtimes and Bryce.

Thanks go out to our contributers so far this year: Amaranth -- Carolann -- LadyA -- Maggie -- MarciaGomes -- NitaB -- Aelin -- Prae -- Sanbie -- sidherose -- Trixie -- ByuDragonBreath -- Llola Lane -- Margy -- AmirA -- Katt -- cecilia.robinson (Arlesienne @ DevArt)

You may need to turn down your speakers and turn off the lights.....mwaaahaaaahaaaaaa!

Our Gifts have BEGUN!! Come join in on the fun.


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