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Spielberg Says – Jurassic Park Was Made For 3D

Steven Speilberg on bringing the raptors to life 20 years later for Jurassic Park 3D


Spielberg is excited about the re-release in cinemas of his famous Jurassic Park. He says that this film was “made for 3D.” He references the scene in the kitchen and says that the length of the kitchen counters, where the kid is hiding from the door opening raptors, will be given a whole new perspective and the thrill is intense!


Inspired by James Cameron’s Titanic 3D conversion, director Steven Spielberg brought the same team on board to update his dino epic for a whole new generation of filmgoers.

“There was a lot of sub-conscious 3D etiquette in my first approach to the material a long time ago, with shots of the animals coming into the lens,” he says. “I call them trombone effects when suddenly creatures and people are running towards the camera.”

It was released in 1993 and marked his third creature feature, but the CG effects and animated action were pioneering.

More than just a cash grab, Spielberg saw this as a chance to truly realise his vision. According to the Indiana Jones helmer, certain scenes are given extra bite thanks to the added dimension, in particular the kitchen attack where Tim and Lex cower from the door-opening Raptors.

“The kitchen scene works great because there’s so much distance between the end of the long counters and the door where the two raptors enter,” he explains, “so you really get a tremendous sense of perspective which we never really had before in just two dimensions.”


Another of the filmmaker’s favourite scenes to get the 3D treatment is the part where the T-Rex is lunging for the car; a classic kids in peril moment. “For the first time, because of the 3D and the stereo sound, you’re able to feel like you’re inside the car,” he says. “You get a sense that you’re trapped along with them and you actually feel the walls of the car itself closing in on you. I was very surprised by that effect and how much more involved than I the first time around.”

Here is a short trailer for Jurassic Park 3D

The 3D version of the movie was released in some cinemas earlier this year on the 20th anniversary of the release of the first Jurassic Park movie. It is set for re-release on August 23, 2013.

“The visual effects by Industrial Light and Magic are still spectacularly realistic.” says,  Mario Aguilar who went on to say, “Jurassic Park 3D wasn’t just awesome because Jurassic Park is awesome. The 3D conversion really does make you feel like you’re watching a whole new movie. From a technical perspective, the conversion is remarkable.”

Here is a video peek into some of the behind the scenes action on the Jurassic Park set:

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