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Carmolena V4 [Exclusive], Foxx V4/A4 [Exclusive] and Heavenly: for the Mausoleum [Exclusive]

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/ForbiddenWhispers/

Carmolena is a versatile beauty for V4.2.

She sports a stunning selection of makeups & beautiful shader enhanced skin, lips & eyes.

Her face has been beautifully made using the best in hi-resolution photos. Her morph created with the upmost care in poser.

The skin shader uses the best in shader technology to give that extra hint of realism & healthy skin glow.

Included is:

15 eye options
1 base body/head mat
15 lip options
15 main makeups
1 head/body rem/inj
1 gens on/off option

You do not need to render with Gamma correction to get the results you see in the promos.

PC/Mac Compatible
Poser 8+

Foxx a beautiful character for V4.2/A4

You get:
 Full/face/lip/nails default mats
10 eye colors
2 lashes
3 reflections
Body/Head INJ/REM
10 Lip colors
10 Makeup colors

Needed Files List and System Required:
PC/Mac Compatible
V4/A4 and her ++ morphs
Poser 6+

Heavenly : For the Mausoleum

You will get these textures:

Colors for Casket:
 • Casket: Brick, Cobble, Granite, Marble, Marble Red and Sandstone
 • Trim: Black, Rose, Sand and Stone
 • Lid: Brick, Cobble, Granite, Marble, Marble Red, Sandstone, Dark, Grey, Rose and Sand

Colors for the Mausoleum:
 • Mausoleum Stonework: Dark, Gray, Rose and Sand
 • Metal: Dark, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver
 • Walls: Brick, Cobble, Granite, Marble, Marble Red and Sandstone

3 Camera positions to get you started.

Mix or match to your hearts content.

Needed Files List and System Required:
Poser 5+
PC/Mac compatible


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