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Babs for V4

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/RenderCandy/Babs-for-V4

Babs V4

She's the honey brown, round the way girl by day and an otherworldly hottie by night.

She comes with eye color, make-up options, tattoos and a one of a kind Alien texture for those EXTRA-Ordinary renders.

Babs is optimized for both DAZ and Poser and will render well in both programs.

Beware....this beauty will definately get the party started in your runtime

Included in this package

~~~~ Character ~~~~

1 face inj/rem
1 body inj/rem
1 full character inj
1 torso texture
1 torso texture bump
1 face texture
1 face texture bump
1 limbs texture
1 limbs texture bump
1 lash option
1 tear texture
6 eye color options
7 lip color options
7 make-up options
1 arm tattoo
1 torso "Tyson" tattoo
1 Alien/Creature Skin option
2 Alien/Creature Eye options
30 DAZ optimized Mat files
30 Poser optimized Mat files

System Requirements:

PC/Mac compatible
Victoria 4 with V4 Morphs ++
Poser 6+
Daz 3+

Usage Tips or Limitations:

-- After starting a new scene, Load V4, along with her morphs++.
     Load Babs by clicking on the seperate face and body injections. Click on the !!BabsMAT "button" and that's it.
     You are ready to let your imagination run wild with Babs.
-- Both Poser and DS shader mats are included and support is offered for both programs.

-- This package does not include non-shaded mats

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