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Autumn Elegance for Lisa's Botanicals Daylily

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/NapalmArsenal/Autumn-Elegance-for-Lisas-Botanicals-Daylily




Autumn Elegance for Lisa's Botanicals Daylily

The bright hues of the Autumn Elegance Textures provide a pop of color that will enhance any background. This set of textures will turn the Lisa's Botanicals Daylily into the prize of any garden scene.

Revitalize your renders with 13 new daylily petal and stamen textures. Included in the 13 textures is 1 mixed variation texture with 3 different mats on the same plant, 1 new leaf and stem texture, 1 blooming morph option, and 2 Autumn Elegance transmaps.
 One transmap is for the mature blooms option and one is for the buds option

The textures replace some of the older mature bud blooms with some green immature ones.  Lilies usually won't bloom all at once, but in stages.  Even though they only last a day they will bloom for several weeks as more buds mature.
Created to compliment Summoner's Elegant Phoenix.

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