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Annual Community Gift Drive @ Fantasies Attic

Link: http://thefantasiesattic.net/attic/

It is time to start asking you all for helping with  our holiday gift pages. Last year was such a success. We had 4000+ visitors that came for their Halloween treats.

I hope I can count on your support again this year for community gifting for Halloween and Christmas.

As always it is not a "themed" gifting but it may be whatever you choose to make for the gifts so Halloween related...Christmas related are welcome as well as other types since we all know we create images of every kind.

The pages go live October and December 1 and last the entire month.

Deadline to get the gifts to me for the start of the pages:
Halloween: September 30
Christmas: November 30

I do accept more all month long too, right up to the last day of the month.

What can you give, thank you for asking...ANYTHING you can create yourself.

• Backgrounds of many kinds, for instance -- scenery, skies, water, fantasy, horror, etc.

• Textures for clothing, characters, props, toons  or for general use (adding textures to anything in the material room).

• Poses and morphs for toons, creatures, characters

• Tubes and such for adding to our existing backgrounds

• If you can model, then anything you can make is grand.

• They can be .obj also with/without textures so they can be imported into Poser/Daz or any program that accepts them.

The list is endless of items to make to give.

How to get them to me:

1. If not too big then add them to the pm as an attachment.
2. Send them by email.
3. Upload them to where you usually upload your things and send me the link in a pm or email.
4. If you need somewhere to upload them to then let me know in this post or a pm and I will send you information for uploading.

Everything must be zipped for use, the item and a readme explaining your terms of use and what they will get inside the zip. I will need an image of what you are giving, or more if you wish and about 1000x1000px being the largest.

Please use the contact forms here, at thefantasiesattic.net/attic to let me know.

Thank you and let's make this gifting as successful or exceeding last year.

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