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Alien Face Hugger, Alien Hybrid, Alien Jockey Exclusives

Link: https://fantasiesrealm.com/market/Designers/Summoner

Summoner's Face-Hugger

A High detailed Alien fully Wm Articulated Standalone Figure with a Bonus Egg.

Over 70 Body segments to get the best Details:
    Built in tongue that goes into the Victim Throat additional mouth articulations
    Bag Movements
    Tail has a built in Easy - Pose system to get fast and great  results. The Egg has an opening feature.

In addition there are a few Material settings for you to chose. Promo Poses are Included and the face Pose is adapted for V4, you will have to adjust it for other Models.

Make sure to Parent the Hugger to V4's Head after loading it.

!! Poser Fan Art !!

Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 2014 +++
Not Supported in Daz Studio
PC/Mac Compatible

Summoner's Alien-Hybrid

This one I would call a masterpiece! Inspired by Alien series.

The Hybrid is a Full standalone fully Wm articulated. The Hybrid comes
with 5x2 material settings and the 4 Promo starter poses.

Tail and Inner Mouth have integrated Easy-Pose, Iks on Legs and Arms.

Easy Scaling of the Tail, Ghost Hip Pelvis Articulation to ease up a Crawling position. Fully articulated Mouth with a Interactive Mouth Attack  Dial.

Wm System that allows you using the Scaling and Translations on individual Body-Parts.

Bringing Aliens in a New Level for your Artworks.

!! Poser Fan Art !!
Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 2014 +++
Not Supported in Daz Studio

Summoner's Alien Jockey

  Inspired by Alien Ressurection full remake and adaption for Poser / DS ( Ds Users will have to adjust the Texture Surface ) The glyph glowing may not work Correctly in Daz Studio

  Alien Jockey from the Aliens Series a Full remake of the Original Free Reference Low Figure Specially made for Poser DS.
  Fully Articulated Figure Cr2 with rotation Morphs for the Telescope and the Base Platform Tubes.

  This Enviroment was Inspired from an original Free Low Reference model and is a full Surface, rigging, Mapping and boning remake for Poser / DS.
  Product Requirements and Compatibility:
  Poser 6+
  About DS Use 3+:
  Tested in Daz Studio Interactive morphs work well,
      however DS users may have to do some texture adjustments.
  PC/Mac Compatible

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