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About Lightwave

Link: https://www.lightwave3d.com/

About LightWave

LightWave 3D Software provides

Award-Winning, Production-Proven VFX and Animation Tools for Artists.

LightWave 3D combines a state-of-the-art renderer with powerful, intuitive modeling, and animation tools. Tools that may cost extra in other professional 3D applications are part of the product package, including 999 free cross-platform render nodes, support for Windows and Mac UB 64 and 32-bit operating systems, free technical support and more. LightWave is enjoyed worldwide, as a complete 3D production solution for feature film and television visual effects, broadcast design, print graphics, visualization, game development, and Web. LightWave is responsible for more artists winning Emmy Awards than any other 3D application.

Major Studios and Post-Production Houses spend years assembling their custom pipelines, often at great expense andrequiring large numbers of technical staff to maintain. Those complex pipelines are perfect for companies with hundreds of employees, but can be overkill for the majority of studios around the world with 40 employees or less.

LightWave logoLightWave fits seamlessly into large multi-software pipelines - with its powerful interchange tools including FBX, ZBrush GoZ, Collada, Unity Game Engine Support, and Autodesk Geometry Cache. Unlike other software packages, LightWave offers artists and studios a complete end-to-end solution right out of the box. Robust polygonal and subdivision surface modeling, unique. Interchangeable layered and nodal texturing, along with powerful dedicated node material shaders. Powerful animation and rigging tools. Eye-popping volumetric and dynamic effects systems. A production proven, award-winning Global Illumination render engine - built in. You decide what workflow or pipeline suits you best and LightWave puts all of the tools in your hands.

Read more and enjoy a free trial version by going here: LightWave 3D


BFX Imageworks Takes Center Stage at Directors Guild of America

BFX Imageworks

Steven M. Blasini and BenniQue Blasini, VFX Supervisors and co-owners of BFX Imageworks, presented their work alongside Marc Forster and his VFX Team (World War Z) and Shane Black and his VFX Team (Iron Man 3) at the annual Directors Guild of America's Digital Day Event held at the DGA Building in Hollywood.

The Blasini's opened up the day presenting on the panel called "VFX Across The Board: From Indies to Blockbusters" where they showed lots of "behind the scenes" and "before and afters" of their micro-budget VFX work on the Sy-Fy Channel film Jersey Shore Shark Attack along with shot-by-shot commentary.

The event took place on Saturday July 27th, 2013 and the team continues to receive kudos and praise for their clever "outside the box" problem solving when dealing with ever shrinking budgets and deadlines. Exclusively using off-the-shelf software solutions such as Lightwave 3D, Imagineer Mocha Pro and Adobe After Effects, they showed the audience of nearly 600 DGA Members and their guests just how much "bang for their budget" they could realistically receive, even with micro-budgets and micro-deadlines!

BFX Imageworks was founded in 2001 by husband and wife team Steven & BenniQue Blasini, providing high-end Visual Effects and Animation for everything from web productions through theatrical motion pictures for independent studios. Learn more at www.bfximageworks.com.

The Directors Guild of America (DGA) is a labor organization that represents the creative and economic rights of directors and members of the directorial team working in film, television, commercials, documentaries, news, sports and new media. Learn more at www.dga.org.

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