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Summoner's Alpha Evolution and Doomfang [Exclusives]

Summoner's Doomfang Now that is the Lizard, he Stands he Crawls, he comes with amazing 12 Material options and 4 Starter Poses. Yes he is a Standalone , Fully Weight Mapped he is bending smooth just like a Lizard should do. His Body-parts have… more »
  04:44:00 am , Categories: Fantasies Realm Market

Summoner's Snake Scimitar, Vandelized Metro Station, Dolly-Cam Head Light, Crawler All Exclusives

  Summoner's Snake-Scimitar An other detailed Sword that belongs to the Guild Weapon series, that you can add to your Collection. Actually a simple Prop model to arm your Dolls or just use for Decorations in your Artworks. !! Poser Fan Art !! Product… more »
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Alien Face Hugger, Alien Hybrid, Alien Jockey Exclusives

Summoner's Face-Hugger A High detailed Alien fully Wm Articulated Standalone Figure with a Bonus Egg. Over 70 Body segments to get the best Details:          Built in tongue that goes into the Victim Throat additional mouth articulations          Bag… more »
  10:29:00 pm , Categories: Fantasies Realm Market

Dragon Staff and Guild Weapons: Scorpio Blade Exlcusives!

Summoner's Dragon-Staff Not just a simple Magician Staff. A Staff that will come alive and bring life in your Art. What Magician would not want to have such a Staff? Fully Articulated WM Figure with 40 tail segments for a smooth bending, Full Easy-Pose… more »

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