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Summoner's Big Mama Exclusive

Summoner's Big-Mama I would say " Here she comes Big Maaammmaa " Full standalone Comic Figure, Fully Weight Mapped Full ghost Facial expression Ghost bone System ( Optionally ) Wm Scale and translation system on individual Body - Parts.  Mouth open… more »
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Kiki the Video Vixxen and Video Vixxen Poses Collection Exclusive

Kiki the VideoVixxen and VideoVixxen Poses Collection In this set you get both the body morph and texture set for V4 along with the Video Vixxen poses. What a bargain to get them both and use the poses with all your dolls. ~~~~ Character ~~~~ 1 face… more »
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morganahope's Sampler Backs (free) and Fantasy Backs Exclusives

MH Sampler Backs  FREE This is a small sampler pack of morganahopes wonderful backs, which are both 2d and photographs. You get 5 jpg's:      x1  @1000 x 1000 px      x1  @ 2600 x 2600 px      x2    @1000 x 750 px [photo]      x1   @3240 x 4320 px… more »

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