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Farconville's Curly Hair Bundle ( All Genesis, V5-7, M5-7)

Farconville's Curly Hair  ( All Genesis, V5-7, M5-7) Curly hair was made especially for Genesis, Genesis 2 Female, Genesis 2 Male, Genesis 3 Male, Genesis 3 Female --- Victoria 5, Michael 5, Victoria 6,  Michael 6, Victoria 7,  and Michael 7 with… more »
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Mohawk 2 Hair Bundle Genesis/G2MF/G3MF/V5-7/M5-7

Farconville's Mohawk 2 Hair Bundle  for Genesis-G2-3F/G2-3M, V5-7, M5-7    Mohawk 2 hair was made especially for The characters listed and come with an assortment of colors and styles to choose from. You get 5 zips in this bundle.    The Mohawk 2 hair… more »
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Awesome Hair and Bang Bangs for G3M/M7

Awesome Hair for G3M-M7 Awesome hair was made especially for Genesis 3 Male and Michael 7 with  colors and  styles to choose from. The Awesome hair comes with morph sliders. Your imagination is the only limit. ..13 Colors    Black&White    Black… more »
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Hermione V4, Elizabeth V4 and PT Arleen V4

Hermione, the sexy divorcee, who lives at 1601 Dreamy Lane, the second in a series of housewives that will amaze you! At 5’6”, 110lbs, she is young, hot and versatile. She is a sexy as she is demure, and fun to create with. Hermione has just recently… more »

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