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Summoner's Compound Bow Exclusive and FREE

Summoner's Compound-Bow A Bow like no other using a Special Weight map Rigging that allows to realistically pull , Adjust up down and Side Positions of the String. Folding option of the Bow Possible. Additionally two Pull options in the body. A Hand… more »
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Fusil, Moon Jewel and Candle Plate all Exclusive and Free

This a flintlock Rifle for your characters. PC/Mac Compatible Poser4+ Maight work DS3+   This is a beautiful moon shaped, silvertone hair jewel for V4. It may work on other characters with a bit of manipulation. Poser 4+ May work in DS3+ PC and Mac… more »
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Halo V4, Sophie V4 and Rene V4

Halo V4 Halo is an incredible character for your HALLOWEEN renders. Halo has an amazing real life look made with High Quality Textures and the perfect shaders. She also has:  4 eye colors  3 lash options  7 lip colors  7 eye shadows  5 separate tattoo… more »
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Summoner's Psycho-JigSaw Well here comes the Missing Weapon for Psycho. Fully Articulated Figure with spinning Blade. Actually is made for Psycho found at Freedom of Art but can be used for other Figures, with a little adjusting. It comes with a Hand… more »
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Eyepot *Exclusive*

Summoner's Eyepot *Exclusive* We all know that we should give a little something For Thanksgiving, so here it is , A little Tea Pot. Fully Articulated Figure for Poser. It's Alive? or does it seems to be? with a little Fantasy it sure could be! Product… more »

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