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How to make Gold and Silver to shine in DS

About older Poser products and use in Daz Studio 4+. Some of you have noticed that when trying to apply a texture in DS, it gives you trouble, especially gold and silver not looking right. Gold looks dark yellow and Silver looks black when rendered. The… more »
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How to Clear Chrome Browser DNS Host Cache Manually

How to Clear Chrome Browser DNS Host Cache Manually July 12, 2016        Chrome The Google Chrome web browser is quite powerful with many interesting under-the-hood options that are hidden from the average user, but with a little digging around you… more »
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Miss F. Cornelia Cogwright

Miss F. Cornelia Cogwright   Regular Price: $10.00 Introductory Price:  $7.00 Save: 30% off   Sale Expires: Sunday 31 July, 2016 Miss Cornelia Cogwright The Mayor shook hands with the strangely outfitted woman.  Her grip… more »

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